For those planning on any trip, several things need a bit of consideration. Therefore, in this article, I will add one item to another item to build a robust structure for travelling tips. In comparison, this is like adding brick upon brick to build a house.

A reasonable man will always consider costs. As a famous speech says “count the cost”. This is applicable in every single area of life. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss out on the little details of life in every affair you engage in. Thus, this article will point out pivotal aspects in making a trip that behooves you to think through.

Purpose For The Trip

The very first thing to put into consideration is the question of the purpose of the trip. With that, the question of “why should I begin this trip” will not be overlooked. Now, when you’ve answered the question as to why you want to try, the next things that will come up are:

When to travel

How long will you spend over there?

Things to go with

Budget and expenses.

In all, what truly will decide all the aforelisted items will be the purpose – the chief cornerstone.

Reasons And purposes For The Trip

Moreso, to further explain the purpose of the trip, there are some topics to discuss.

One of the reasons to take a trip to a country is tourism. If tourism is at top of the agenda, then travelling should be considered on days with greater sunshine. This indeed means that summer is the best season for tourist occasions. Now, take a moment, imagine a tourist trip to London during the winter, when snow is falling and ice are formed everywhere. Tour won’t be fun at such time; also, tourist locations may not be open for you.

Other purposes for a trip maybe to attend festival occasions in a certain country. This could be a winter, summer, spring or autumn festival. Also, other reasons are education, friends and family visitation, business and work, sports etc.

Trip Duration  

You need also to consider the duration you’ll spend on the trip. In essence, this calculative step will put you in a position where you will consider the things you’ll need for your stay throughout those periods. Thereafter, you will budget your expenses in a more calculated fashion.

Your budget list will comprise the amount to spend on feeding, accommodation, clothing, fun and entertainment, outing and miscellaneous.

Climate And Weather Conditions 

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Climate and weather conditions alone can hinder a person’s trip. For instance, a trip to Indonesia in the cold winter is not advisable. Why? Indonesia being an archipelago (country of islands) is naturally cool. They will be extremely cool winter ordeal, therefore, trips need early and strategic planning.

If possible, it’s better to take your trip in summer even though you have a winter event to attend. Therefore, you go ahead oftentimes and prepare for winter while waiting to attend the event or festival.

Generally, winter is bad for tourism, fun and excursions. Thus, this makes summer and spring the best for such purposes in view. Also, one other thing to consider is the way climate conditions vary in the place you want to visit. Germany for instance has blessed weather yet it’s unstable. The northern part normally experiences the influence of the oceanic pattern, hence whirlwinds and storms are the order of the day. So, in places like Bavarian, while you enjoy the sunshine in the morning, a thunderstorm breaks out later in the day making people take their covers.

Packs For The Trip

For any kind of trip, there are packs to go with. Winter packs and summer packs. However, for autumn and spring, you’ll choose from the combination of summer and winter packs. The reason for this suggestion is that springtimes and autumn are customarily the consequences of the intersection between summer and winter.

Summer Packs

Given the above, summer packs to come along with are the following articles/items.  Socks. Underwear. Shoes. Sandals. Light clothes (singlets, shirts, polo, tank tops, shorts, etc). Umbrella. Warmer clothing ( (jeans, pants, long sleeves shirts, sweatshirts). Sweaters (polar fleece or wool). Raincoat or light jacket. Hats. Swimsuit. Pyjamas.

The items listed above are sure packs for a summer trip.

Winter Packs

For winter packs the following items are suitable. Tights ( fleece-lined tights or leggings under skirts and dresses). Silk and wool materials. Long sweater and coat. Hat, gloves, and scarf as important accessories. Rain jackets. Shoes with tread. Heavy jacket.

The winter packs above are what you need for your winter trip.

However, for autumn and springtime, selecting from the winter and summer combination pack will do the magic.

Budget And Expenses 

Another thing to seriously consider is the trip expenses. Albeit, this is an aspect you can’t take out. So, your budget is such that can cover all expenses from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip, and also the duration.

Accommodation, clothing and feeding are expenses to bring into the calculation.


The issue of safety is a serious one to take into the hand of. Therefore, you will need to find out if the country you intend to visit is safe at the moment. Also, safety-related issues to safeguard are:

  • Civil unrest
  • Racism
  • Apartheid
  • War
  • Plaque or pandemic
  • Economic depression
  • Viral medical disease

These are some of those issues to look out for before leaving for your trip.


Travelling is fun. Nevertheless, we have taken out moments to iron out issues related to taking a trip to a country or location outside your national domain.

Therefore, it is worthwhile not to rush things but make out time to pen down your budget. Also, settle personal problems and tackle uprising challenges that are perceived in view. Also, there could be unforeseen circumstances but let’s leave that out of the picture and pray that all goes well with the trip.