Requirements for US visa.

In this article I am going straight to explain things you need to get a US visa, so i suggest you exercise some patients and read this completely.

The validity of this passport must be six months above your planned stay in the United States.

In other words there are some countries that just need there passport to be valid within the period of there stay in the U.S.

Remember the passport must have a blank page for visa.

  • Passport photograph

while you’re applying for DS-160 visa online, you will need to upload a passport photograph.

You may experience some difficulties uploading the passport photograph so we advice you go with some on the appointment day.

Even if you uploaded it successfully we still advice you go with some Incase of necessity.

  • Receipt of the nonimmigrant visa application fee.

This payment must be made before your appointment will be scheduled and remember this fee is not refundable.

  • Socal media details.

You must provide your social media information ( at least one )

This includes, your social media name, your email address and phone number.

Other documents you will provide on the appointment day.

Previous U.S visa If you have visited the United States before but if you haven’t then no need for this.

Travel itinerary, which is a travel plan that’s your Planned activities in the state during your stay, this includes your round trip flight ticket which also include in flight reservation.

This document must also show where you have planned to stay once you enter the United State.

Invitation letter a written letter by a U.S citizen stating that he/she is responsible for your stay in the U.S.

Documents to be submitted by a U.S visit visa sponsor.

If you’re sponsoring anyone visiting the United State, this are the documents to submit.

  1. Statement of account, which will show all the account details, both last payment and recent payment dates and also the balance.
  2. Employment letter to confirm that the sponsor on pay or business informations can replace this.
  3. Affidavit which will show that the sponsor is capable of taking care of the vistor.
  4. At least four recent pay slips.

Personal data, this will be provided by applicant.

All your personal informations like: Your marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate, academic certificates, divorce certificate.

on the day of your appointment you must take all your certificate with you in case of necessity.

Letter from a physician, the embassy will refer you to an authorized physician or medical center to obtain your health status.

You must return to the embassy with a report from the physician.

Documents of your property this is a very big advantage when applying for US nonimmigrant visa because it will show that you don’t have the intention of staying in the U.S forever.

You will show the embassy the following documents.

  • Affidavit of the property.
  • All the papers of the property.
  • A complete photo of the property.

Job documents

  • Company registration details, both income details ( for self employed ).
  • pension book for retired people.
  • Letter from employer showing your position in the company, your salary, your length of employment, vacation period and purpose.

Requirements for U.S work visa.

Bellow are the things you need for U.S work visa application.

  • Your educational certificates or any certificate that qualifies you for the job.
  • Offer letter from the U.S employer.
  • Your CV.
  • Proof that you have extraordinary abilities.
  • Letter from you previous employer.
  • State license.
  • Additional fees.

Note: if you are a fresher or do not have a previous job do not worry about letter from previous employer.

You just have to go with other documents then show your capable orally.

Requirements for U.S student visa.

If you have been admitted in the United States these are things to submit.

  • Your admission letter from your school in the United States.
  • The school must be under student exchange visitor program.
  • You will submit the payment receipt of SEVIS- 1-901.

Note: The SEVIS-1-901 fee is not part of the normal fee ( school fees or any other fee ).