The Caribbean region is an American region that consists of the Caribbean islands, hence, the name “Caribbean”, isn’t another continent. The region lies southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and spans the North American Mainland and east of Central America. The region is a famous vacation territory with plenty of awesome ordeals to offer. Both the Caribbean natives and visitors can get enough of its surprises.

The island nations and states have a lot of awe for visitors worldwide. This article will highlight some Caribbean islands you shouldn’t miss out on in your trip planning.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican republic is located in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean region on the island of Hispaniola. The nation has the largest economy in the Caribbean region and the seventh largest in the Latin American region.

Economically speaking, the driving force of economic development is in the sector of construction, mining, manufacturing, and tourism. There is a unique alcoholic drink, Mama Juana produced in the Dominican. It consists of rum, tree bark, red wine, honey, and herbs. Factually, Dominican Republic has the second largest gold mine in the world. Whenever, the name, Caribbean is mentioned, many uninformed folks first think of Dominican Republic. It is so popular and eventually, the most visited place in the Caribbean.

Contrarily, the Caribbean nation has issues with immigrants. It receives thousands of illegal immigrants from surrounding nations.

Some interesting facts about this nation include Puerto Plata, the only car cable system in the Caribbean.

The highest peak on the land is Pico Duarte, about 3098meters.

Exuma Cays Bahamas

Exuma Cays Bahamas

Exuma consists of about 365 islands. It’s a region in the Bahamas. George town is the capital town of the district. The cay is, however, divided into a large Great Exuma and a smaller little Exuma.

The main economic activities here are fishing, tourism, and telecommunications. In Exuma, there are various festivals that tourists and visitors expect to partake in. These festivals include Bahamian Music, Regattas, Junkanoo etc. Also, notorious sports are sailing and rowing.

Places to visit are:

Staniel Cay Exumas: very close to many top attractions in Exuma.

Thunderball Grotto. A great scene of underwater James bond Thunderball.

Visit Pig Beach at Big Major Cay, and spend some time swimming on the beach with the pigs. Sometimes the pigs come out to the woods daily for a plunge in the sea.



Barbados is one of the most famous Caribbean islands. It sits at the Lesser Antilles of the west indies. Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados. It’s one of the richest countries in the world with a moderately high standard of living. The Caribbean archipelago has a mixed economy system. Its economy depends on agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.

The culture in Barbados is a mixture of west African, Portuguese, Creole, Indian and British cultures. Even the cuisines are a combination of African, Indian, Irish, Creole and British regimens. While the citizens are officially called Barbadian, the native language is Bajan. In terms of sport, cricket, as with the other Caribbean is very popular in Barbados.

One of the best places to visit here is The Beaches of Carlisle Bay which lies at the edge of Bridgetown. It’s one of the most stunning places in Barbados.

You can visit Downtown Bridgetown for shopping, to see the museum, church buildings etc.



Cuba is an archipelago in the Caribbean comprised of various Cuba islands. The Caribbean country is situated where the Gulf of Mexico meets with two large water bodies, the Atlantic Ocean and the northern Caribbean sea. The nation’s economy is run by the government and labour is employed by the state.

Cuba’s economy is dependent on tourism, industry, skilled labour and agriculture.

Attractions and landmarks include; Old Havana (Habana Vieja). Here you’ll find Plaza de la Catedral. Also, the military base, Castillo de la Real Fuerza. The hangout and restaurant Bodeguita del Medio. You can also spot the popular Casa del Conde Jaruco structure.

Varadero is one of the most outstanding beaches in Cuba. A tout to the beach will help you relax while you explore the environment.

Maybe you have heard of the grand town, Trinidad. Yes, it’s located in Cuba, it’s one of the most pleasant tourist cities. You can explore the Plaza Mayor in the city’s central square.



It’s a Caribbean island that is situated in the west indies. Grenada consists of several other islands including Martinique. St George is its capital city. It has a small economy with tourism as the major industry followed by agriculture and exports of products.

Grenada culture is strongly influenced by the Africans though the french and British contribute. Even the dishes or cuisines are influenced by the native cooking method of the french and New Orleans.

Cricket is popular in the land. You can also enjoy the summer Olympics too and soccer sport which is a global sport. Grenada brims with outstanding features like lush Mountains, rainforest, and colourful seaside villages.

You can tour Grand Anse Beach. You can also visit one of the most beautiful port towns of St. George, the Capital city of Grenada.

At St. George, you can tour the National Museum of Grenada. You can as well visit the House of chocolate, to explore the activities of the local cocoa industry.

Also found in Grenada is the underwater sculpture Park. Here, you will find preserved galleries. It’s a cool place for divers, snorkelers and sailors.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. A Caribbean Island in the Northeast Caribbean sea. It sits in the Greater Antilles between the Dominican Republic and U.S Virgin Islands. San Juan is the capital city of the famous Caribbean country.

Puerto Rico has a very strong economy. It’s a high-income economic state and the most competitive in the Latin American region. The economy is driven by industry and manufacturing, services and little agriculture. Tourism is also an important part of its economy. However, the cost of living is high.

The Caribbean typically has a Spanish mix or influence in their culture.

You can visit the capital city, Juan San. It’s one of the coolest places to visit in the country. The park, El Morro Fort is a famous attraction in Juan San. You can explore and wander this national park, visiting its tunnels and walkways.

Another attraction is El Yunque National Forest. You will discover hundreds of species of trees and plants. After the damage done by the hurricane in 2017, the repair is near completion in 2022.

To get the best view of pristine beaches here, explore Culebra Island. The picturesque view has a lush hill in the background.


Jamaica 1

Jamaica is a well-known Caribbean country although many don’t know it’s an archipelago in the Caribbean region. Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean sea. It’s the third largest island in the Greater Antilles. Kingston is the capital city.

Its economy is upper-middle class and mainly driven by tourism. Jamaica has a mixed economic system with economic activities like manufacturing, mining, agriculture, petroleum and financial services.

One interesting thing that can’t be overlooked is the fact that Jamaica has a strong global influence on music culture. You can talk about reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub and mento.

Places to visit include Negril Beach and cliffs. It’s a top-notch beach in the Caribbean domain. It stretches in great lengths with the formation of white sands and the aqua sea. You can also check out the Martha Brae River at the rafter village. Dunn’s River Falls is also an awesome view for tourists.

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

The territory of the Cayman Islands comprises the islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. They are located in the south of Cuba and Northeast of Honduras. George town, its capital is located on the Grand Cayman island – the largest of the three islands.

The economy of these Caribbean islands is dominated by tourism and financial services. It’s also a very Business-friendly environment. This is due to its low tax rates. There are like a hundred thousand companies in the Cayman Islands even exceeding its population. Factually, the population is below a hundred thousand hence, there are more companies than individuals. This means that there’s a luxury of jobs for foreigners.

Snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming are common activities in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Island has a National Gallery – an art museum in the capital city, George Town.

You can tour around Seven Mile Beach, one of the best in the Caribbean. Visit stingray city for a wild scuba dive and snorkelling experience.

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Having seen the unspeakable wonders some of these islands have, I will let you know that there are very famous Caribbean islands like the Bahamas, Haiti, Martinique, U.S. Virgin Islands etc.

All these places have a lot to tell, in terms of vacation and tourism, economy, politics and history

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