Japan visa requirements.

Japan has different types of visa which is suitable for every purpose of entry to the country.

There are about 68 countries that can enter Japan for business or tourism on visa free.

Japan visas.

  1. Work visa.
  2. Non work visa.
  3. Family related visa.
  4. Tourist visa.

Japanese Work visa.

This visa is for professionals and high skilled workers, like engineers, doctors etc.

It cannot be granted to simple labor workers like construction helpers, cleaners, etc.

Below are people who can obtain this visa.

  1. Engineers, specialists in humanities, International service engineers, must have a certificate or ten years experience in your field and international service engineers.
  2. Investors and Business personnels for those who are going to invest in Japan or someone who’s managing a business.
  3. High skilled professionals, doctors, nurses, physicians, etc.
  4. Intra company transferees, someone who’s moving to Japanese company from outside Japan.
  5. Artists, like photographers, songwriters, sculptors etc.
  6. Instructors, like Teachers, sports coaches, etc.
  7. Media professionals, journalists, cameraman, editors, anouncers etc.
  8. Religious workers like bishops, missionaries, monks etc.
  9. Skilled workers, example can be chefs, animal trainers and etc.
  10. Education, professors, researchers etc.

Japan work visa requirements.

  1. Your valid international passport with some photocopy of it.
  2. Recent passport photograph.
  3. Certificate of eligibility, example is your school certificate.
  4. Visa application form.
  5. Your employment letter from the company you’re going to work in Japan, this letter will include your position, salary and duration of work.
  6. Receiving company details, there income, loss and registration.
  7. For intra-company transferee a document showing the relationship between the two companies.

The passport photograph size much be 4cm x 3cm, head must be straight, white background, face must full and clear.

Japanese tourist visa.

This falls in the categories of short term stay visa.

Japan tourist visa requirements

  • A valid international passport with two blank page for visa placement and must not expire in the next six months.
  • Passport photograph.
  • Your visa application completed and signed.
  • Flight itinerary which will contain your entry and planned exit date.
  • Daily itinerary, which means your planned daily activities in Japan.

The passport photograph size is 4cm x 3cm, head must be straight, white background, face must be full and must be very clear.

Other documents needed if necessary are below.

If you have a guarantor in Japan.

  • He will provide invitation letter.
  • He must provide his recent financial report and it must be three months below.

If you’re sponsoring yourself.

  • Your bank account statement must be provided.
  • Your tax income tax return and must be recent ( in past three months ) or letter of explanation.
  • If you are working a permission letter from you work place must be provided.
  • A person who is relations must proof of relationship. ( Birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. )
  • You’re visiting a friend you must provide pictures, phone numbers, resident address and letter of relationship.
  • The applicant must provide his civil documents ( birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. ).


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