Dubai; Is it safe to travel to Dubai right now

Yes Dubai and other UAE cities is safe to travel now.

Recently UAE is ranked the second safest country in the world and that applies to every part of the country.

UAE as a whole has a high standard security network that covers every nook and Crannies of the country.

Always have in mind that it’s very difficult to escape any crime in the country.

Even though UAE doesn’t report crimes but once in a while there used to be some reports of petty crimes.

Is it safe for women to travel to Dubai.

Yes both women, children and everyone are highly safe in any part of UAE.

Despite being an Arabic and Islamic country there is much freedom unlike other Islamic countries.

In UAE you can wear what ever you like, you can go to night clubs, beaches, church as there’s a lot of churches here, you can do everything you do in your home country here.

Women and children are highly respected and since over the years there hasn’t been any report of woman abuse or rape.

UAE has a serious law attached to every crime which may lead to death that’s why you need to be aware of UAE law once you’re in the country or you become a victim.

Feel free to travel to UAE anytime.

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