UAE: Golden visa Dubai. (Dubai golden visa requirements).

This UAE golden visa is not for everyone , it’s usually awarded to high profile individuals who have impacted positively to the country.

UAE Golden Visa.

This visa are usually valid till ten years, within this period you can live comfortably and also carry all legal activities in UAE, this visa will also enable you change job at anytime.

This golden visa makes the UAE unique, since the introduction of this 10 years resident permit so many people have been awarded this visa, just like i said earlier it’s granted to highly skilled workers or people who are in high position in places that contributes to the growth of the country.

Students with high grades especially in science and technology can also get this visa and there parents are also included in the visa if the request for it.

This Visa enables foreigners to work, study and live in the UAE without the need for any national sponsor and with 100% of the ownership of there investment, in UAE any foreigner who doesn’t have this golden visa is either living in the country with normal resident permit which is valid just for two years or three, this temporary resident permit are sponsored by companies which is also sponsored by UAE indigenes.

People who have this golden visa can renew it after ten years so long as he/she is didn’t go contrary to the conditions of that guides the visa.

Like i said earlier if you aren’t a high profile individual do not consider applying for this visa, the golden visa can be awarded on application or without application, all the people who have been awarded a golden are the are acceptional individuals like entrepreneurs,

Golden visa requirements

People in the bellow categories are qualified to get for golden visa:

  1. Highly skilled people like people such as inventors, Doctors, Footballers, Scientist, and other highly skilled worker. You can also get the visa if you holds a PHD and depending on you field of specialization regarding how its outlined in UAE’s government portal
  2. Individuals with public investments up to ten million dirhams in the country are very qualified for the visa.
  • You must own an investment like a company or building worth above ten million dirhams.
  • A deposit of ten million dirhams in an investment account in the UAE.
  • Partnering with a company with a value of not less than ten million dirhams.
  • Having a total investment in the area mentioned, on condition that the investment other than real estates is not less than 60% of the total investment.

This visa includes the families of the holder as well as executive director and one personal assistant or adviser, this visa can also includes business partners on condition that each partner contributes ten million dirhams.

How to apply for UAE golden visa.

If you are qualified for this regarding the categories stated above or related kindly go to Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, here you will see option for “visa-Golden visa-nomination request for golden residence-new request”.

This option is for people who are qualified and has never requested for the first time, when you click on the start service button a form will appear which will request your unified identification number (UID), this is a six-digits number that was issued to you when you entered UAE.

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