Countries you can visit with US visa

Do you know that with US Visa you can travel free of charge to many other countries of your choice without bothering if you have the country’s visa or not?

Have you been searching for countries you can travel free of charge just with your US Visa but find it difficult to get what you’re looking for? If this sounds like you, search no further because your search is over now.

We understand you have not been informed about this, but don’t worry, you’re so lucky to be reading this article right now because there are lots of people who also don’t know about this yet.

That’s why, we have drafted out this well-written and unique article to give you all the right and vital information you need.

In this article, we will hold you by your hands and show you all that you need to know, and after reading extensively through this article, you will be able to identify tons of countries you can visit with US visa and the reason why these countries give out visa exemption to only US visa holders.

Let’s get started as we show you around.

7 amazing countries you can visit with US visa.

There are lots of countries you can visit with US visa but in this article, we will be showing you 7 amazing countries that give you access to travel free to any country of your choice with US visa.

Here is the list of the 7 amazing countries:

1. Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful country with quite a great record and rich culture. From their food to the incredible geographies and architecture, hence is a safe country to fulfill your wanderlust.

However, you can start up your adventure in Istanbul to see the holy grand mosque in there, as it is the magical gathering point of Europe and Asia. You can as well try adding on your list, to visit the beautiful city of Antalya, which also has a creative ancient origin, as well as the ancient city of Ephesus.

If you’re a traveler seeking to go into Turkey using the US visa, you can get an e-visa immediately just by filling an online visa application form here. Traveler visas to enter Turkey is often approved within a 90 days or less interval.

2. Mexico 

Mexico is also another country you can visit with US visa, this country is puts up in the top list of countries you can visit with US visa not just because it’s near the neighborhood of the US, however, it’s due to Maxico is among the world renowned tourism countries you can think of visiting to enjoy your stay. The country has a kind of great celebration which is known as the day of the dead (Día de los Muertos), it’s a great celebration indeed.   

Tourism in Mexico is mostly centered around relaxation places and beach resorts on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. These prominent vacation places in Mexico give smooth powdery sands, outstanding crystalline waters, and lots of other amazing tourist enchantments.
If you’re already in Mexico, you can also try visiting the city of Tulum popular for its archeological ruins of the Mayans and its gorgeous waterfronts. However, you will also never be let down if you are seeking to party in the cities of Los Cabos and Cancun, as these two cities are also great for your relaxation.

If you admire Mexico so much and is also among the selected countries you would like to visit, you can go ahead to obtain a free travel to stay there for 180 days just with the help of your US visa.

3. Panama

If you’re an individual who has a US visa, this is another country you may travel free without bothering to have Panamanian visa, you can only achieve this just with a valid US Visa like the J1, F1, or HIB visa.

Though, you must have obtained a valid US Visa which should have been used to visit the US and hence should be accurate for at least a minimum of 6 months starting from the time you have access into Panama.
However, the country’s nearness to the US and its usage of the US dollar as their major currency gives rise to it as an incredibly simple choice for people who crave to have a tour in US.

Panama is also an equatorial joy with so much incredible number of unknown islands with its sugary white sand and a host of other outdoor adventures.

Normally, you would love to set your eyes on the beautiful Panama Canal if you visit this Panama City. It’s a wonderful place to visit and as well one of the seven amusement park of the current world.

4. Georgia

Georgia is quite a unique country situated in Eastern Europe that any person will always wish to visit, you can enter this country without a Georgian visa, hence is another awesome country you can visit with a US visa.

The country is seen as a photographer’s dreamland by lots of people due to its beautiful environment and as well as being mistaken by lots of people with the United States of Georgia, but here we are talking of Georgia as a country on its own.

The country of Georgia is blessed with a rich and outstanding culture which attracts lots of people visiting the country. If you’re a lover of great history and have a US visa, I think this is one of the countries you need to visit with a US visa to feel the different landscapes that makes it an excellent end for tourists.

You can moreover pay a visit to the picturesque and see the city of Tbilisi, which is one of the reserved cities in Europe. The important notion of the city gives rise to it fascinating to lots of foreigners.

5. Island of Turks & Caicos

If you have a genuine US visa you may never bother to have a visa before you can visit the Island of Turks & Caicos(British Territory), because it’s among the best countries you can visit with US visa.

Foreigners with US visa that want to enter Turks and Caicos are permitted a 90 days of stay counting from the moment you arrive the city.

Island of Turks & Caicos is popularly known as one of the best world’s snorkeling and diving destination and it’s also the spot for water entertainment junkies.

If you’re a lover of tourism, you will admire this prominent destination that has less crowd and beside that, it has an excellent weather, and then a straightforward entry from the mainland of United States.

6. Bermuda

Bermuda visa exemption is likewise applicable to holders of US visa

Bermuda is another perfect country you can visit with US visa. The country is highly Inspired with an English colonial past, and shows off a lovely memorial of Anglo architecture. It’s also popular for its pink sand seashores and its amazing undercover crystal tunnels, Bermuda is simply seen as a paradise bliss on earth, quite close to the New York City and east coast of the United States.

If you love to visit another great country with your US visa, Bermuda is a great place you would admire so much when you visit it. Check here for Bermuda visa conditions.

7. Belize

This is yet among the countries you can visit with US visa, Belize has rocky mountain views, inspiring beaches and the Mayan cultures and also involved in numerous outdoor events.

Belize is though a small country by the land region but is congested and full of excitement, and hence a great place for your unique journey destinations.

Having listed out all that, now let’s see the other phase of this article, however, it is one of the questions many people ask.

Why do many countries give only US visa holders Visa exemption to visit other countries?

Of course people should be worried why tons of countries offer visa exemption to only the United States visa holders. Let’s see a clear answer to this popular question many people ask.

Well, the reasons why this happen is not far fetched, here is 2 unique reasons why many countries offer US visa holders free travel to other countries.

Check the list below:

  • Financial reason: Generally, getting a USA visa is not a child’s play, you must have been screened severally and you will likely spend some lots of money before you will have a chance to get this Visa, and then if you’re opportune to go through all these screening processes, I don’t think there is any need for any screening again, so that makes it exceptional to other visas.
  • Severe screening and strong bonds to your home country: US visa is one of the toughest visas any one can get because the embassy will thoroughly screen you to the last. If you have any illegal immigration motives or a past criminal record then there’s no how you can get US Visa and that means if you were to live illegally to any place, you could have lived illegal in the United States, if that’s the case, it therefore means, having a US Visa implies that you have no illegal intention to live in their country. So because you were screened quite well to get US visa there’s no need of another screening to enter other countries.


If you’re a tourist who love visiting other countries, you would understand that obtaining a travel visa to a foreign destination is already a tough enough job mostly when you need an urgent visit to a particular country.

But thankfully you are able to come across this awesome article, now you know that there exit countries you can visit with US visa, you can now go ahead to enjoy your visa free travel as the globe is now your home!



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