Cheapest Schengen Countries To Visit: Where You Can Discover The Continent On A Budget

Schengen may sound new to some readers. Chill!! Schengen isn’t a new continent. However, it’s all part of Europe. But the Schengen comprises 26 countries that officially sign the Schengen agreement in 1995 Schengen, Luxembourg.

The Schengen agreement officially revoked all passports including every other kind of border control at their common borders.

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This article will list the examples of cheap Schengen countries where you won’t spend as much as if you were in some expensive countries.

Some countries in our list will leave you tace with surprises, however, further narratives will expound on why these places are affordable even when it sounds too good to be true.


The Republic of Poland is located in the central part of Europe and its capital and largest city is Warsaw. The Schengen country is one of the most affordable places in Europe.

Poland has a high standard of living or quality of life. Its economy is one of the fastest-growing ones alongside the grand banking sector.

It’s advisable for people who seek a developed country yet a low cost of living to opt for Poland.

In this Schengen location, you will experience low tax rates compared to places like London, affordable housing, free education, welfare, affordable health and social care, scholarships etc. All these attributes make Poland attractive.

Meanwhile, in the tourism sector, Poland has magnificent exhibits to make your stay worthwhile. For instance, the city is Kraków is the most visited city in Poland due to its notable landmarks.

Poland also leads in the art and music world. During your stay, you happen to enjoy the sumptuous native cuisines of the Polish citizens.


Officially named the Hellenic Republic. It’s located in the Southeastern part of Europe with Athens as its capital. The beautiful city blooms with wonderful packages.

Living in Greece is factually affordable except if you choose to go for the exotic lifestyle. Historically, This is one of the most ancient surviving countries. Many pragmatic systems today were born from the country’s civilisation.

Greece began the wave of Western civilisation. Hence, paving paths for democracy, Western philosophy, Western literature, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, theatre and the Olympic Games.

Due to its position and reputation, Greece is a highly developed country with a high standard of living and a Human Development Index.

The nation is one of the Schengen locations with exotic beaches and islands. Amazing cuisines. Affordable accommodation. Friendly weather. All these attributes describe Greece. Even during your excursion to visit the exhibits in Greece, the prices are affordable.

Wine and drinks are cheap to come by and they are budget hotels and restaurants to make life easier for visitors.


The kingdom of Spain is one of those affordable Schengen countries in southwestern Europe. Spain is a highly developed European country with a high standard of living. However, many may see Spain as so expensive especially when places like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona are being spoken of. Meanwhile, living in Spain depends on the kind of life you chose to live.

To succeed in spending less in Spain, you need to narrow down your choices, make advantageous use of the affordable amenities and avoid certain locations. Ordering meals from time to time could range from 10$ – 20$. Other nominal expenses could take up a few dollars. Also, due to the climate in Spain, certain food items may be inexpensive. Eating and living affordably are possible if we consider avoiding certain lifestyles.

Housing in Spain is affordable as well except if you go for high-budget housing. Let’s consider some of the places to live affordably.


The cheapest in Spain with its main attraction Mezquita-Catedral.


Studentlike town with the oldest university in Spain.

Santiago de Compostela

Quite grandiose


Croatia is a Balkan country in central southeast Europe. Its capital and largest city are Zagreb. The country is highly developed with a higher quality of life. Croatia is one of the most affordable places in Eastern Europe.

With affordable amenities even cheaper than many Schengen countries. Croatia however recently became notable i.e people now began to bote Croatia as a place for vacation and tourism.

Also, due to the country’s currency exchange rate with dollars, the cost of living could be considered lower. Hence, consumer prices are lower. Tax rates are meagre. Rent and lease prices are affordable. Cuisines and drinks are affordable as well. In addition, the cost of public transportation, clothing, accommodation etc can be handled with the average salary you earn.

Moreover, to save your cash from too many expenses, avoid exotic restaurants. Tourism should not be the entire aim, else the tourist trail will eat deep into your pocket. Also, do well to avoid island parties and luxurious accommodations. Avoid living in hotels for long and medieval fortresses.


The Republic of Bulgaria is a Balkan country in the Southeastern part of Europe. Bulgaria is one of those affordable Schengen countries with space and convenience. The capital and largest city are Sofia. The country is a developing country with an upper-middle-income economy. Its economy is majorly a contributed by the private sector, along with agriculture and industry. Nonetheless, the main economic activities are services.

However, one good thing about living in Bulgaria is the meagre tax rates. tax rates in the Schengen country are at a flat 10% rate. The Value added tax, excise duties, and corporate and personal income tax are national, while real estate, inheritance, and vehicle taxes are charged by local administrations. Given the above, accommodation, renting and leasing, are affordable. For instance, one could rent a car for 230$ per month. Even accommodation could be gotten at 150$ monthly rates.

Meanwhile, to avoid living costly, you will have to shun the extravagant Lifestyle. For the records, Bulgaria has numerous cool and amazing places and exhibits. Friendly budgeted excursions include:

St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Action Aquapark

Sea Garden

Old Nessebar

Vitosha Mountain


Historical Park.


Italy is found in the western part of Europe. It’s described by its alpine and island make-up. Italy is usually thought of as an expensive place; meanwhile, you can have a friendly budgeted lifestyle there. Hence, you can have a lower cost of living in Italy. Italy is one of the most developed countries in the world with a highly developed economic system. Economic activities span from the exportation of goods around the globe. You should expect a high quality of life and a high ranking in the human development index.

Nevertheless, in this Schengen location, you could live a budgeted life not minding the expensive lifestyle in the country. Food can get from specialised vendors in the local market.

You can also take advantage of their culinary and cuisines. Meanwhile, there are affordable hostels, restaurants, and accommodation in Italy. Moreso, this affordability is achieved when you plan to live in small towns, villages and the countryside.

Affordable places which you can stay in Italy are Naples, Pescara, Reiti, Campobossa, Lecce, Avellino, Benevento, Matera, Cosenza, Crotone etc. Houses are mainly cheap in the southern province part of Italy.


Romania is one of the cheapest countries in the Schengen region. Romania is situated at the crossroads between Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe.

Its capital city is Bucharest. Although Romania may not be as developed as other countries in the European Union, it still has spectacular sights and views if you wish to settle for an affordable budget location.

The earned wages in the location are affordable as well as the low cost of living. However, Romania is known to be a high-income country.

Romania has lots of industries and companies for economic growth. In past times, the government regarded Romania’s progressive tax system with a flat tax of 16% for both personal gain and corporate income.

Romania also has affordable cuisines and drinks for you. Aside from the extravagant lifestyle, you can afford good clothing and a simple living with your pension. Living in Romania is a good retirement plan for the elderly who wish to avoid excess expenses.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is also called Czechia. It’s located in the central part of Europe. The capital city is Prague. The Czech Republic has a highly developed economy. The country is export-oriented. Based more on services, innovation, manufacturing etc. In terms of tourism, Prague had been the fifth most visited place in Europe in the past.

However, when it comes to the aspect of arts and sculpture, galleries and museums. Even in literature, the Czech Republic has a key position. Generally, Europe is known for classic literature. Hence, as a visitor, you will enjoy your stay in the Czech being entertained by their literature. Also, you could enjoy an affordable budget exhibition and outing if you keep track with sincerity.

In the Czech Republic, even with the high quality of life, you can find affordable housing and rentals. dishes with pork, beef, and chicken. When it comes to cuisine and dishes, you will have a taste of meals of goose, duck, rabbit, and venison. Fish is less common in Czechia with the occasional exception of fish served during Christmas.


While some people may worry or fret about the high cost of living in Europe generally, you could still possibly find some Schengen countries that are quite affordable. Given the circumstances, housing could be cheap in some places and relatively expensive in others. Clothing, utility, purchases and rentals are achievable when one decides not to only consider the extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.


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