Traveling around the world seems challenging because of its cost that’s why we bring you the cheapest countries to live or visit.

High budget of traveling has been a hindering factor for travel lovers to have an enjoyable experience

Are you looking for places that will match your low budget, where you will have access to quality hotel rooms, Healthy and tasty meals, visit beautiful tourist centers, meet new people, and a lively place to explore with few dollars.

Cheapest places to travel.


The country is located in the south pacific ocean, it has more than 300 islands. It is surrounded by bodies of making it a good choice for the beach experience.

The people living there are friendly and kind, sometimes they welcome visitors with music without expecting anything from them.

Fiji ocean life is one of the best in the world as world-class diving takes place there, the tasty being sold at the beachside are never an exception. After the beach experience, there are cheap guest houses with full air condition at which you could retire for the day. You could just order a meal, their meals are delicious and affordable.

You don’t have to bother about transport fees when you feel like touring the city, the transport fee is affordable with an enjoyable ride. Visit Fiji if you are looking for a cheap and beautiful place to spend the holiday


This is a country in Central American bordered by the Caribbean sea coastlines to the north and the pacific ocean to the south.

In Honduras, you could lodge in a comfortable and air-conditioned hotel room for $15 per night. You could have a tasty meal for as low as 3 dollar.
When traveling to discover new places, it is a good choice as it has ancient ruins, jungles which you could just trek through and a lot of beautiful places.


The world’s most populous country located in East Asia, it has a population of over more than 1.4 billion people. Being one of the most populous places in the world, one would want to think of it as an expensive country to travel to. But that’s not true.

In China you can book a hotel room for less than $20 per night, food is $2-5 per meal. Transportation fee is also very cheap and affordable.

There are a lot of cheap and beautiful places to discover by travelers such as the hanging temples, Hongkong Disney lands, evening cruise tours e.t.c. you could tour these places with a cheap transportation fee.


It belongs to the European continent, it borders Russia in the east and northeast.
The hotel fee for travelers per night is $8 per night. A liter of beer is sold for $1.5, isn’t that amazing?

Ukraine tourist places such as the Chernobyl exclusion zone and underground of LVIV are such amazing new beautiful places to discover,


Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia, it has a lot of low plains. There are many tourists attractions such as Angkor temples, the Cambodia circus, sunrise group tour, etc

The locals are friendly and hospitable. It is a very cheap and beautiful place to visit. The transportation fee is not more than $20, an air-conditioned hotel room is $20, street food is at the rate of $2. As a tourist, you will be spending less than $50 per day. Wow! that’s interesting.

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