Cheapest Caribbean island to live

Cheapest Caribbean; The Caribbean region is a notorious place for dreamers. The island is a famous vacation location for people who wish to take a moment from the stress of life and the plenitude of life issues.

Although many may think that living in the Caribbean would be as expensive as living in most of the northern countries in America. Many popular Caribbean nations are relatively cheap or affordable. Inclusive are Dominican Republic, Grenada, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico etc.

In this article, we’ll dive quite a bit into this case. This content will bring relief to travelers worldwide including expats, and even those planning their pension retirement.


This island is one of the Cheapest Caribbean islands. For one person, the daily budget could be about 80$ based on moderate expenses. However, living in Belize is different from touring around the island. A tourist visit to Belize will cost more than just living there because you will pay for the places you visit, the beaches, the restaurant, the museum and other notable landmarks.

You may spend a bit from your pocket if you consider living in a place like San Pedro. Let’s say a monthly budget for this developed Caribbean town could be around $2000 in a month. Meanwhile, there are more affordable places like Corozal, located at the border of Mexico and Placencia, once a fishing village and now a serene, calm vicinity.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is another cheapest Caribbean island to reside in. The island is located in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean region.

Generally, people love the Dominican Republic due to the fact that the government policy allows people to retire to the country provided they have a minimum of $1500 as income. Living a budgeted life in the Dominican is very possible as you wouldn’t need to worry about the high cost of living compared to many other American nations.

There are available amenities to allow you to live an easy life in the Dominican Republic. If you budget for about 200$ upward, you will acquire a reasonable level of luxury on this island. Places in the Dominican you can think of are Sousa, Luperon, Punta Cana etc.


Jamaica is another popular and also one of the cheapest Caribbean island Best known for its music culture including Pop and Rastafarian. Famous persons here include Bob Marley and Sean Paul.

Jamaica is the second largest Island in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean region. Whenever you think of fun, outings, entertainment, and sightseeing, then you should also think of Jamaica. Living in Jamaica will be cheaper if you can think of cutting out the restaurant budget. Expenses on accommodation largely depend on where you wish to reside. For instance, residing near waterfronts or beaches could be quite pricey.

One thing for sure here is that clothes are cheap!!

You won’t find clothing to be a burden when you reside in Jamaica. However, you may spend a bit on groceries.

Places to reside include Montego Bay, Ocho Rios etc.

Puerto Rico

Officially named the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Located in the northeast of the Caribbean sea. Living in this rich port city is affordable compared to other places in the U.S. for a month, a budget of about $2000 will handle your expenses. Accommodation could be roughly $350 to $450. You will also spend some dollars on groceries, feeding, eating out and tourism.

There are available ranges of housing options including villas, beach huts, apartments and houses.

Puerto Rico has warm weather. Beautiful places. Even the residents take things easy hence, life goes on slow and steady. The low cost of living is certain here.


The United Mexican state borders the U.S in the northern part. It’s one of the Caribbean regions with a low cost of living.

People who are looking for a place with a low crime rate, low cost of living, a safe residential location and beauty will love Mexico. In Mexico, Goods cost less, services are affordable. It’s known to have a higher quality of life for less.

Accommodation alone in Mexico could go from $750 to $1000. Foods, drinks, groceries and items of clothing are surely affordable. Be rest assured, basic amenities are affordable. Living here is easy and less stressful.

One of the choice locations to consider is when thinking of residing in Mexico Isla Mujeres among others.


Honduras is surely one of the cheapest places to reside in the Caribbean. Many have heard of the strange name “Tegucigalpa ”, it’s entangled with Honduras. Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras and the Caribbean country lies close to Guatemala.

In Honduras, tourism is sure. You can imagine the sight of the white sand beaches, the blue Ocean, and the sandy shore. You can have all of this for less.

Deep water port makes transportation of goods easy and cheaper. Over here, the cost of living is very low compared to most cheap Caribbean nations. You’ll get to enjoy a fresh meal, a friendly environment, good infrastructure, quality amenities and so on. Also, a sure residential city here is Roatán.


The Republic of Panama borders the Caribbean and Costa Rica. It extends from the central part of North America and the northern part of South America. I.e  The Republic of Panama is a transcontinental country or Island.

Panama City is the capital and largest city. Panama’s economy is built on tourism, trading and commerce. The economy is so good that the unemployment rate is drastically low. All these you can get for less.

Among the gifts you will receive in Panama are its world-class amenities and infrastructure. Even for some parts of Panama, you can spend roughly $1500 on rent, food, groceries and excursions. Without excessive spending, You can even comfortably afford spending moments in places like Panama’s the Azuero Peninsula, known as the cradle of Panamanian folklore. When you think of the Californian lifestyle, then think of Panama.


Here we are at the end of the article. By reaching this point, The scale has fallen off your eyes. You now see how affordable these places you deemed costly are.

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