Cheapest African countries To Visit

However, you can consider making a once in a life-time trip to some of these African countries.

looking for adventure and the best mother nature can offer?

Making a trip to Africa will be a life changing Experience, ranging from the culture, food, history and the numerous safaris.

This guide will be opening you up to some of the cheapest African countries to visit in Africa.

Here is the list



Rwanda’s rich culture and breathtaking scenery such as mountains, valleys, Rivers, Forests make it one of the intriguing places to visit in Africa.

Kigali, Rwanda’s capital is the pulse of the country’s cultural attraction, with halocaust memorials and a great art scene.

It’s a must visit for those who love immersing themselves in various cultures or for history buffs.

One may think that because of Kigali’s cultural attraction a visit may be costly but still remains one of the cheapest cities to visit.

For those who want to experience the country’s natural beauty, you can take or use public transport to visit destinations like volcanoes national Park, Dian fossey’s grave and many others.


Egypt 1
Cairo from the Nile

Egypt is one of the cheapest African countries for travelers. Flight will be your highest expense but could be reduced if you follow air saving tips.

Egypt, a northern African country, has great significance in the history of mankind.

One of these is the pyramids of Giza, one of the wonders of the world.

However, there is so much more to do and see in Egypt than just the pyramids. ThereforTowns and cities going toward south can provide a much cheaper alternative to Cairo. One been Luxor, although fairly well-known to tourists as the Valley of the Kings, is a great alternative to the pyramids, whilst still getting a taste of Ancient Egypt.

Even more quieter and authentic is Aswan-a city on the  Nile River, A must-visits being Ancient Egyptian tombs and temples which provide an amazing view over the River Nile.

Egypt is also famous for being a destination for cheap diving. Instead of going to the popular and over-touristy Hurghada, Go to Marsa Alam or Safaga for some of the cheapest diving along the Red Sea.

The best part?

The activities in Egypt are not expensive.

A visit to the ancient pyramid, cruising down the Nile, scuba diving in the red Sea won’t break your budget.


Namibia, view of the historic church

Namibia is one of the cheapest African countries to visit due to affordable flight and surprisingly one of the African countries US citizens can visit without a visa.

The country has a lot to desired, from the untamed wilderness and Rich wildlife of the beautiful country. Unique attractions include large dunes, salt pans like Sossusvlei and Etosha, desert adapted wildlife, and the Fish River Canyon, which is the biggest in Africa.



Livingstone in Zambia is the perfect place for adventure lovers.

One of the most iconic activities is the Victoria falls National Park,one of the seven wonders of the world been the largest mass of free falling water.

Neighboring towns of Livingstone provide affordable accommodation for travellers.

Apart from Victoria falls, Zambia is also known for its nature reserves with one of the denset wildlife populations

Consider visiting Zambia as it’s one of the cheapest African countries to visit in Africa.



Nairobi Kenya, has incredible national Parks, excellent museums and quirky sites.

The capital city also has a delicious food scene and incredible culinary experiences.

Masai Mara National Park in Kenya usually witnesses mass animals gathering and migration of wildebeests, which makes it a safari destination in East Africa.

Aside from these parks, the wonders of Kenya are enormous ranging from pristine beaches on the Swahili coast, mosques in cities like Mombasa and many more.

Visiting Kenya as history buff or you are into nature, Kenya provides both as it’s considered one of the best countries in Africa.



Dakar, Senegal is known for it’s beautiful and vibrant streets.

It’s beaches, oh even more breathtaking.

With a small developing tourism industry, Senegal remains the best kept secrets of Africa.

Senegal is now the heart of wildlife in West Africa with national parks that favor ecotourism.

These parks are home to rare mangrove trees and baobab trees, as well as dangerous species like the West African lions.

traveling for experience or excursion?

Consider visiting Senegal.



Zanzibar, Tanzania was to be once in a lifetime trips with those with a lot of money.

Zanzibar is very beautiful and a trip is very costly, however, if you pick the right time to travel there will be a significant drop in the average price.

The best part about Zanzibar is once you get there, There is no more Ado than to head to the Beach’s luxury and beauty at zero cost.

Zanzibar is famous for its gorgeous beaches.

Also the almighty Serengeti park which is the number one in the world is located in northern Tanzania.

The park has been a major attraction to the country, recording over 200,000 people yearly from deferent part of the world.

Tanzania is a very nice country to as you will definitely have an unforgettable experience.



Considering East Africa, Ethiopia comes to mind. Addis Ababa, being one of the largest cities, is now more affordable and attainable than ever by the help of carriers like the Ethiopian airlines.

The capital city is now the fourth-largest, there is more to be desired in the capital city, However a trip to the National museum will be nice.

The National museum is the home of the nation’s artistic treasures and remains one of the best archaeological finds.

From hanging around in the Simien mountains, visiting the Danakil Depression, to going to the Lalibela to hang around the nation’s famous Gelada monkeys.

Ethiopia is indeed a land overflowing with unique adventures, You won’t regret visiting.


istockphoto 1272072590 612x612 1

Ghana is a country that was build from its ashes. However Today, the gold resources made Ghana the economic power of West Africa.

Flights to Ghana are super affordable, the castle, along with other slave castles are very cheap to visit.

The country inhabits a lot of beautiful tourist destinations like beaches, parks, pubs, night clubs e.t.c

Capital city of Ghana which is Accra is a very beautiful and most recommended place to land when traveling to the country for the first time.

Ghanaians are very accommodating and very kind to visitors, so it’s a very nice country to visit with low expense.

10. Morocco

Morocco 1

The country is a northern African country which provides a different vibe.

It’s location between the Sahara desert in the east and the Atlantic ocean offers authentic attractions combining the desert, Ocean and cities.

The country has the best cities to visit such as Marrakesh, Casablanca, And Fez. The latter is famous for it’s eccentric architecture and crafts scene.

Trains and buses are easy and cheap to use across the country too and even car rental is affordable, which makes exploring the diverse landscape and ancient cities of this country very easy.

You can experience the eccentric architecture and crafts scene without breaking your budget.

11. Tunisia

Tunisia 1

 Tunisnother definite spot on the list of the cheapest countries to travel in Africa.

It has been a long desired destination especially for many European travelers.

Cheap flights can be picked-up across Europe.

Visiting some of the historical sites in Tunisia are actually a bargain, such as the entrance of El Jem.

 13. Mozambique

Downtown of Maputo, capital city of Mozambique, Africa

Prices here are very low due to the effect of the civil  war which affected their economy.

 Mozambique’s economy is not really in good shape but tourism is still a fledgeling industry in the country.

Those who make it here, Are amazed by the ocean views, great swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving,chance to spot whale sharks and many others.

This is a great opportunity to sample a slice of paradise.

14. Malawi

Blantyre City Centre Malawi

Malawi popularly know as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, and the country is gradually developing its tourism industry lately. This provides more opportunities for responsible and sustainable travel for visitors.

The country is also working on its perception as being a safe, peaceful and stable country for its citizens and visitors.

It is located in Southeast Africa which is surrounded by its neighbors Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania, however this doesn’t mean it lacks beaches, infant it’s one of the best beach destinations in Africa.

The famous Lake Malawi provides clear blue waters with nice sand shores and the freshwater in the lake provides for an abundance of wildlife, with the opportunity to see many species of birds, hippos, baboons, and elephants. 

Prices for safaris in Malawi, although not totally low but are quite affordable and well worth the money due to the unspoilt nature as a result of lack of mass-tourism, especially when compared to other top safari destinations in Africa.

Lake Malawi is famous for its great opportunities for scuba diving at cheap prices. There are also facilities for other water sport activities such as kayaking and snorkeling.

15. Uganda

Uganda 1
Kampala downtown

Uganda is one of the cheapest African countries you can choose to visit. known for its astonishing landscape and wildlife Experience.

Queen Elizabeth and Murchison rivers are the two famous National parks.

To organize safaris, You can head to the capital city Kampala or jinja- The adventure sport capital of east Africa.

Other activities could be suspended for ultimate gorilla trekking.

Uganda is the cheapest place to see those beautiful creatures safely. You can’t be able to do this less anywhere around the world.


Whatever your reason for traveling is, either traveling for Experience or excursion, relaxation, And Adventure. Africa guarantees these experiences like no other.

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