Canada visa requirements

The secret about getting any countries visa is just providing all the requirements.

In the article you will know all the requirements for Canadian visa.

After reading this you can easily get your visa without the help of an agent.

To clearly understand this you have to exercise some patients and you can also check requirements for U.S visa

Requirements for Canada visa.

  1. International passport.
  2. Two passport photograph.
  3. Visa application form.
  4. Visa payment receipt.
  5. Police report.
  6. Medical report.
  7. Your bank statement of account or means of finance.
  8. A written proof that you will return to your country on your stay expiration.
  9. Identity and Civil Status documents.
  10. A cover letter that clearly explains your purpose of entry.
  11. Invitation letter.

International passport

This is the first document any traveller needs.

If you’re applying for any country visa including Canada you must provide the data page of you passport.

The data page of your passport is the page that contains your name, date of birth, country, date of issuance, expiry date, e.t.c.

Passport photograph for Canadian visa application.

Two passport photograph must be provided.

The photographs must be snapped properly and according to the visa officers instructions.

read the instructions here

Canadian visa application form.

The applicant must download an application package from the IRCC website.

In this form there’s a guideline and a checklist with all the forms you need to fill and submit.

Canadian visa application fees.

Two payments will be made and receipts must be submitted with other documents.

The fees you have to pay are:

  1. Visa processing fee.
  2. Biometric fee.

The prices changes depending on the type of visa and the country you’re applying from.

Canadian visa application Police report.

This is an attestation from police department in your home country or where you live.

This will proof that you do not have any criminal records and you’re not a danger to the country.

Canadian visa application medical report.

This medical report must be obtained from an authorized medical center or physician

The embassy will refer you to there approved medical center or physician.

If your planned stay in the country is below six months medical reports isn’t necessary unless your activities includes close contact with people.

This medical examination can only be done by a panel physician.

Bank statement or means of finance.

You have to proof that you have enough finance that will sustain you throughout your stay.

If you’re coming with anyone the finance must also be able to sustain both of you.

You can provide any of the following:

  • Banks statement.
  • An evidence from any who will sponsor your stay in Canada.
  • Evidence of income from your Canada host.

A written proof that you will return to your country on your stay expiration.

You have to proof to the visa officers that you must return immediately your stay expires, you can do it by providing some documents like:

Your property documents, if you’re a property owner you can submit an evidence like C of O or the papers of the property.

Letter of employment, you can submit your employment contract or letter of employment which will state your position in the country and when you’re expected to return.

Family ties, this means your a lot of responsibilities that must make you return, such as Children, elderly ones

Identity and Civil Status documents.

This includes, marriage certificate, birthday certificate, divorce certificate e.t.c.

Your national ID maybe required but in this case you need to confirm this from the visa officer.

A cover letter that clearly explains your purpose of entry.

Depending on the country you’re applying from, the visa officer may need you to provide the reason for your travel to the country.

Submit the following.

  1. An invitation from your sponsor or the person you’re visiting.
  2. The contract informations who will be responsible for your visit.
  3. Any documents that supports your reason for travel.

You an as well ask the visa officer the documents you can provide for this purpose.

Invitation letter.

An invitation letter might be required in some case and this letter must come from a Canadian citizen or a Canadian resident.

The letter must include your information like:

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Contact number.
  • Your address.
  • Your relationship with the writer.
  • The duration of your stay.
  • You means of finance.

Then the writers information like:

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Contact number.
  • Canadian Addresses.
  • Resident Status with photocopy it attached in the letter.
  • Job title and position.
  • Family details ( names of his/her family, date of birth and dependents)
  • How many people living with him/her.

The letter will be given to the applicant and the applicant must submit it with other documents.

Canada Visa requirements for minor.

Just like other travellers, Evey minor traveling to Canada must have his/her international passport with him.

The minor must also abide by the rules like other visitors.

There are also additional requirements for children traveling to Canada depending on how the are traveling.

Every minor must have his passport and birth certificate with him while traveling.

If a minor is traveling to Canada alone an authorized letter Signed by both parents or legal guardian must be submitted.

  • The letter must be written in English or French.
  • The letter must include address and contact number of the parents or legal guardian.
  • Address and phone number of the person that will take care of the minor in Canada must be provided.

If a minor is traveling with one parents an authorized letter signed by the parents who isn’t traveling with them and the letter must include.

  • Address and phone number of the parents who isn’t traveling with them.
  • The photocopy of the international passport and national ID of the parents who isn’t traveling.

If a minor is traveling with someone who isn’t his/her parents or legal guardian to Canada.

The person must have an authorized letter from the both parents or legal guardian.

Addresses of the parents or legal guardian must be in the letter.

Parents divorced but share the same custody.

The parents who’s available will bring the letter of authorization and the copies of legal custody from both parents.

If only one parents has custody he will bring the copies of the custody degree.

If one parents is dead the other parents has to bring the death certificate.

Traveling with legal guardian or adoptive parents he/she must the provide the certificate of adoption or guardianship copy.


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