Have you ever heard of this magnificent, glorious, naturally incised horseshoe-shaped land mass in Arizona called the Horseshoe Bend?

Maybe yes! For some readers have either read of it, been told of it or physically been there at some time in the past.

Or, maybe No! You are just stumbling upon this fact for the first time. Don’t worry, that’s what tripnub is here for.

This article will enlist the things you can do at horseshoe bend, packs to come with and a lot more. Just follow through patiently to the end.

About Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe bend2

The Horseshoe bend marked meander in Arizona, over time, is known to be a very popular tourist location with about two million visitors annually. The overlook is naturally designed to look at the Colorado River, this impression has created unimaginable awe in the minds of many.

Though it may look scary and terrific, this panorama will certainly send sensations of hormones down your spine. As we know it, human beings love wild adventure – although to a certain measure – this fact has made Horseshoe such a popular place for tourism.

As a matter of caution and control, a fenced area was erected to monitor and control the movement of people around the site. Yet, exciting or aggressive explorers who wish to exert beyond the regulated distance to have a clearer and more detailed view are warned to tread with caution as the edge can slide or break underfoot.

However, some persons of judgement and authority believe that not all times are suitable to visit this fascinating site.

Best time of the day

If you were to take a survey in order to collect people’s perspectives on when to visit the Horseshoe bend, you’ll hear different opinions. The reason for this is that different times between sunrise and sunset will leave your side with shadows instead of a clear image of how the site really comes off.

Why is that?

The horseshoe bend is situated west, hence, just before sunrise or just after sunset, the Colorado river appears like a shadow.

The better time in the morning to secure a photo op spot on the site is 8 am. By this time, you’re not too early or too late. The last paragraph before this one has dutifully explained why this fact is so.

Other Visiting Periods

Busiest times span from 9 – 11 am and 4:30 – 6:30 pm. This is when people creep out to take a view of the site.

Another fact worthy of note is that in months like October and November, visitors are few. But during festive periods like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, expect crowds.

Another time to experience less crowd, though weird it may sound, is during bad weather. This could be when it’s raining, cloudy, or stormy.

If you may consider a winter visit, you will as well need to prepare for the extreme windy experience due to the site’s excessive exposure. You’ll need heavyweight dresses or sweaters for this excursion.

The Surrounding area and facilities

The distance between the parking space and the main site takes about fifteen minutes to trek down.

There are amenities like bathrooms in the parking lot as the main site lack such. In short, the viewing area is void of any supporting equipment except the fence which is a necessary cautionary method of saving viewers’ lives.

You should also expect to pay a little parking fee to park any vehicle in the parking area. The fee ranges from 5$ to 150$ depending on the kind of vehicle. This could be motorcycles, cars, buses, etc.

There is no path for the train hence after the parking area, the next journey is via trekking.

If you wish to hike, you will need to come with packs like a water bottle, boots and other hiking kits. However, for hike lovers, this may not sit well with you, but you need to avoid hiking during hot summers as the heat ordeal will be intense due to the exposure of the horseshoe bend.


Tourist Views

The Horseshoe Bend is one of the most sightseeing spots in Arizona.

Antelope Canyon is another great panoramic view from the Horseshoe bend.

From the cliff, you can expressly have a view of the Colorado River which is 100 ft below.

How about Page town, you can sightsee from the cliff. The site is about five miles away from the town of page.

Other exciting places to spot are Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Powell. Lake Powell is about 185 miles long and the formation was carved by the Colorado River. The lake delivers more than 2,000 shorelines.

Tourist Activities Around Horseshoe Bend

There are tourist and sightseeing places you can visit around Horseshoe bend. These are:

  • You may decide to explore the picturesque view of the Lower Antelope Canyon.
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Park is one of the coolest places to relax.
  • Glen Canyon Dam encounter is a great viewing site for sightseeing lovers.
  • White Pocket is about 4.5 miles from the horseshoe bend.
  • Red Heritage is another viewing location for adventurers.
  • Antelope Point Marina Village could be a really lovely excursion spot. It is just 2.9 miles away from Horseshoe bend.
  • The Grand Lake Powell is about 8.6 miles away.
  • How about a visit to the Powell museum?  You may just love it here.
  • Also, 4.4 miles away is the Hanging garden trail. A moment of solitude and thoughtfulness spent in the garden could be just what your soul needs to gain strength.
  • For your manicure, massage, spa, and boutique shopping spree, visit Lake Powell massage and spa boutique just 4.1 miles away.
  • How about visiting the page public library to enrich your mind? Perhaps, you could learn more about horseshoe bend and Arizona at the library.
  • Then we have the thrilling adventure, Horseshoe bend Trail Rides. Try this out.


Now you are intrigued. You wish you can physically have a view of the Horseshoe bend without being told what it looks like.

The awesomeness of this grand attraction in Arizona can’t really be narrated by words as thought being put down in words have certain limitations due to human personality. Nevertheless, many humans do well with their descriptive abilities.

Meanwhile, if you have any worries about trip booking and planning, tripnub is just a contact away. Suit yourself.


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