BEST TIME TO VISIT DUBAI (See the most convenient time)

Visit Dubai which is the capital and the most populous city in the U.A.E. the city blooms with greatness in areas like structures and buildings, tourism, trade, shopping, finance, entertainment etc. Hundreds and thousands of visitors troop in the town yearly to witness its wonders and magnificent.

In this article, we’ll go through the times and seasons of Dubai. This knowledge will help you in your trip decision. However, since travelling is based on purpose, you’ll know how to package yourself to venture on your trip at any season of the year.

Climate/Weather Factor In Dubai

Before travelling to any country outside yours, it is vital to have some level of awareness about the weather condition of the place you wish you wish to travel to. This pre-knowing of the place will give you the edge to prepare adequately to meet up with the given circumstances.

Since the central focus of this article is based on the best times to visit Dubai, we’ll look at the distinct climate conditions of Dubai. Generally, the climate in Dubai, one of the most beautiful and luxurious cities in the world is a subtropical desert. Clearly, what this means is that there is more heat than cold. Even the winter in Dubai is mildly warm with January as the coldest month. Then you can think of the summer as a harsh, scorching one and August being the hottest month.

During the summer, the Southern wind normally blows from the sea imparting the land with the moisture of the Persian Gulf. In Dubai summer, the Persian Gulf is usually the coldest sea in the world. In addition, one of the fun things you can do in Dubai is swimming, the waters for swimming are warm throughout the year, and even the warmest in the world.

Figuratively, the average temperature in Dubai is 20 °Celsius (68 °Fahrenheit) in January, the coldest month and 36.5 °celsius (98 °Fahrenheit). Given the facts, one notable thing that’s a norm in Dubai is blue skies.

Summer in Dubai

In Dubai, the summer spans from April to November. The summer ordeal is intense in Dubai and U.A.E at large. This experience is unlike the fair weather experience in other countries in the northern hemisphere. Also, since Dubai is closer to the sea, summer in the location is milder than in other parts.

The sun could be so hot that even sitting under the beach’s umbrella could be a burden. Health conditions like heat strokes and hyperthermia are common. Even residents are commonly informed to only stroll outside early in the morning or late in the evening. Meanwhile, for your walk, packs like hats and sun hats are recommended for all.

Temperatures in Dubai regularly ascent above 38 °Celsius (100 °Fahrenheit) during this period and fall to around 26 °Celsius (79 °Fahrenheit) overnight. In times like this, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming.

Spring in Dubai

Springtime spans from March to May. This period is extremely busy with activities, from trade to cultural and entertainment events. The temperature in this season rises from 28 °celsius in March to 39 °celsius in May.

Winter in Dubai

The Winter months span from December to March. During these months’ the minimum temperature is 12 °celsius and the maximum temperature is 25 ° Celsius.

The waters can be warmer a bit making it comfortable enough for swimming. Also, since rainfall is scarce in summer, winter is the period you will experience enough rainfall. Most exhibitions, outings and adventures take place during this period due to the mild and bearable weather conditions. Outdoor celebrations and activities, new year’s eve celebrations, desert excursions, music concerts, shopping sprees and many other festivals are common during the winter.

Average daytime temperature peaks around 22 °Celsius (72 °Fahrenheit) with overnight lows of 12 °Celsiua (54 °Fahrenheit). Another notable thing is the thunderstorms experience; it’s not an uncommon sight during the winter season in Dubai.

Autumn in Dubai

Autumn shows up in the hot period of September and leaves in December. Even the average temperature peaks from 40 °celsius and falls to 26 °celsius as it leaves. One notable event is dust storms in October.

You know anyone can still travel to Dubai during this period to have a good sunbath, swim and stroll around the pristine beaches. And for such adventure, the Autumn is milder than the summer. The autumn season marks the beginning of outdoor activities. One of the most important events celebrated in the U.A.E is the UAE National Day (on 2nd December).

Finally, the preferable period of visit to Dubai is from December to February. These months are within the winter season. This scenario is unlike the case in many other countries where summer is the best time for a visit. However, why winter is preferable in Dubai is to escape the scorching sun summer ordeal. Therefore, winter in Dubai is cherished. Even the spring also has the warmness of the winter, hence it’s good for travel too.

Dubai Festivals – You May Not Want To Miss Them!

There are many festival events of interest to visitors in Dubai and are held in the summer, winter, spring and autumn seasons.

Anyone that hopes to travel to Dubai for any of the festivals will come with the packs suitable to survive the season. The following are examples of popular festivals in Dubai.

Summer Surprises

Despite the evil scorching nature of the summer season in Dubai, you may not like to miss the summer event. The festival is full of fun and it’s well-received; it spans from June to July. The festival features activities like.

Visiting the grandiose and mighty Burj Khalifa and also having an entry into the intriguing Etihad Museum in Jumeirah.

Deal Of The Day (DOTD)

Six-week sales

12-hour sales

Final Weekend Sale etc.

UAE (Abu Dhabi) Desert Challenge

This racing sport starts in Abu Dhabi and finishes in Dubai. The race is part of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and starts from March to April. It’s very common among fans of fast cars and bicycles.

Dubai World Cup

This is the richest horse race in the world which takes place from March – to April. It’s quite obvious that Dubai is quite a wealthy place. This race takes place at the Nad Al Sheba Racecourse. This is where you will see state-of-the-art grassroots and a superb track for sport. It’s also occasioned in the largest social event Centre in Dubai.

The Bride Show

During April, this event is usually held in the Dubai International Exhibition Centre. The central theme of the event is all about weddings. So many exhibitors troops down to the event venue.

Festival of Taste

This event is held between April and May and it lasts for one week. In this event, top chefs are invited to cook various meals for various events, hence the festival is dedicated to food lovers.

National Day Festival

The National Day is celebrated by all in U.A.E in the commemoration of the Emirate’s independence from Great Britain.

Dubai International Film Festival

The event is usually held between November and December to create recognition for cinema art and independent art. Influential guests are normally present to boost the essence of the event.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

This festival Is held between February and March. It’s held at Dubai Media City. The aim is to attract individuals that have enjoyed jazz music and the event features iconic individuals.

Dubai Sports, Games, And Tourism

There a many sports and games activities to engage in during the different seasons of the year. Therefore, this section will elaborate on some of the popular sports events of interest.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

For Amusement, theme parks, and water parks, this is a great location. However, for tourism, the winter and spring are preferable. But for summer, the water park experience may be a good choice for you.

Meydan Racecourse

The fun-filled racecourse is for horsey individuals. The race takes place on the horse tracks of Nad Al Sheba.

Dubai Autodrome

The autodrome car race is a good example of an adrenaline rush. The fun is in the surge of hormones.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

Camel racing is a fun game for people who love to see animals compete. Since Carmel is naturally desert animals, they can as well survive the climate for the sport.

Round 10 Boxing Club

 Classified as a health club. In the hearing, you can expect intense workouts and muscle building with background music to light up the atmosphere.

What To Pack 

The Emirates customarily wear long flowing garments that are traditional to the Arabian desert. The men wear Men favour ankle-length garments with long sleeves, called kanduras. The dress is traditionally white and is commonly made of lightweight materials such as cotton. But darker colours with woollen weaves are often worn during the winter.

For the women, they wear the abaya )t’s a loose over-garment or cloak), and a Shayla or scarf wrapped around their heads. Abayas are commonly black, but abayas now come in a wide range of colours and are often adorned with embroidery and sequins, feathers and fur. In general, lightweight clothes are customarily worn all year round in the country.


Finally, having learned all that is necessary concerning travelling to Dubai, you are left with the choice to decide when to make a move and to which purpose is this movement to be made.


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