The Best Time to Travel to Egypt: A Guide to the Different Seasons

Egypt is an amazing land with

ancient historic legends. Ancient civilisation began here with Cairo having the oldest university on earth. Egypt is a transcontinental nation. I.e it spans the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia. Between these two continents lies a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula.

This article will address the best times to plan a trip to Egypt. Not just that, knowledge about the things to do during this period will be highlighted also. Cairo is the nation’s capital city.

Climate Conditions In Egypt

The climate in Egypt is defined as dry and hot all over the region. However, the northern coast of the Mediterranean receives some amount of rainfall during winter. Even the summer is characterized by harsh heat with some mildness along the Mediterranean (northern) coast.

The moderate heat condition on the northern coast is caused by the northwesterly wind from the Mediterranean sea. This windy effect of the Mediterranean leaves the northern coast with an average temperature of low at 9.5 °Celsius and high at 18°celsius in wintertime and 23 °Celsius in summer. However, in the extremely hot inland and Southern areas, the temperature average at 40 °Celsius in summer.

For those that will consider swimming, the Mediterranean is warm in June, July, and October. Also, in the big cities like Cairo, the capital city, the urban heat island effect causes terrible heat that can’t be explained.

For inland areas, the temperature effect is that of the desert. Inland areas have little or virtually no rainfall. Winter is dry and sunny with a cold night. Summer nights in the interior areas are typical warm experiences. The central area has a temperature of 7 °celsius to 10 °celsius. The coldest nights even reach the freezing point of 0 °celsius. Winter days are mild averaging 23°celsius 24°celsius. Meanwhile, summer days are the typical scorching desert experience at about 37°celsius to 42°celsius.

The central-southern desert of Egypt is one of the sunniest places on earth.

Now, let’s consider the Red sea coast. This coastal region to the east has extreme desert conditions although made mild by the sea. Rainfall is scarce. Winter is mild. Also, the highlands of Sinai has a cooling effect derived from their altitude.

Annually, the wind is called khamasīn, and intensely hot and dry, the dusty wind often blows from the south to the desert. This blowing picks up sands and dust making the wind dusty. When this terrible wind blows over Egypt, you should expect early heat waves hence, hence causing the highest temperature records in Egypt.

Egypt has two seasons; summer and winter.

Summer In Egypt

Summer in Egypt is typically dry and hot, we know that by now. Summertime spans from May through October. Although summer is off-season for tourism, it has advantages.

  • You’ll witness fewer tourists this summertime. Hence, the tourist locations, monuments, museums, and notable landmarks will be logged with fewer visitors during this moment, especially during the scorching times in the summer.
  • Because summer is the wrong

moment for tourism, hotel prices, flights, and tour packages Prices will go down.

  • If your pocket is deep enough for luxury, you can opt for private air conditioning transportation for your luxury tour or excursion.
  • You can spend time on those pristine beaches in Egypt. Beaches like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh should.
  • You can go scuba diving in the red sea.
  • you could go hiking in mount Sinai.

 the aforelisted engagements are possible things to get yourself busy in Egypt during summer.

Winter in Egypt

The winter experience in Egypt is still warm the summer could be hot and even scorchingly hot at times. Winter days are mild with an average temperature of 20°celsius and winter night is cold at or below 20°celsius.

The winter season spans from October to February. However, the winter experience from December to January is quite cold. There are places you shouldn’t miss out on visiting in winter. Example:

  • Cairo. It’s an amazing location featuring the Nile river delta. Cairo has picturesque views of the pyramid of Sphinx and Giza.
  • Siwa. It’s a great place for such activities as picnic, cycling,
  • Luxor. It’s a notable tourist location hence, during winter, this place becomes a very reasonable place for tourism. Significant places to visit are Luxor and Karnak temples on the eastern part of the river Nile. The Valley of Kings and the valley of Queens are located on the western bank of the river.
  • Alexandria. During your tour, you can do well to visit Fort Qaitbey which houses a maritime museum. You can also enjoy the sea views from hotel porches. Alexandria is known as Egypt’s commonplace winter experience with some amount of rainfall at times.

Aside from these places, there are other cool and great places to visit as well.

In view of the above, there are numerous things to do in Egypt. A few are highlighted below.

  • You could consider sightseeing. There are views of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.
  • The festivities and culture of Egypt are remarkable things that will make you enthusiastic bout Egypt.
  • Sports like professional road cycling stage races are common to keep you busy.
  • A low population of Egyptians celebrate Christmas on January 7th and not December 25th.

Conventionally Recognised Best Times For Visit

If you wish to visit the tourist locations in Egypt, winter is preferable say from November to February. This season, you can visit places like the pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. Museums. Beaches. Landmarks etc.

If you wish to visit the beaches on the Mediterranean coast, the proper time spans from mid-May to mid-October.

Apparently, you will soon discover that some parts of Egypt are better to be visited st some times in summer, some in winter, while others in between the seasons.

Festivals And Events In Egypt.

During your tour stay in Egypt, there will be numerous events and festivals to get occupied with hence, making your stay worthwhile. A few will be enumerated thus.

●    Ramadan

Ramadan is the most significant Muslim event all over the world. In short in Egypt, the country is amazingly decorated and beautified. People seriously engaged in fasting hence abstaining from foods and drinks. The breaking of the fast is indeed a spectacle as joy and happiness are shared among brethren of the same faith.

●    Sphinx Festival

Sphinx festival is a historic event. It’s practically organised to educate people on the ancient histories of Egypt. Symbols of the pyramid are landmarks that practically display the practices of the ancient Egyptian kingdom.

●    Eid Al Fitr

The day of this celebration is known as the holiest day for Muslims. Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the Ramadan. This celebration marks the oneness of the people. New clothes and dresses are worn, and the rich give out charitably to the poor.

●    Islamic New Year

This very important Islamic event is celebrated yearly from 29th July to 30th July 2022. This time seems odd unlike when the normal new year is celebrated. It shows unity and gathering together of friends and families.

Packs for your trip.

As you plan to journey into the land of Egypt as the ancient Israelites did, you can not afford to skip this part.

If it’s a Winter trip, come in winter clothes, a jacket and a sweater, warm clothing. If staying in places like the Mediterranean coast, umbrellas will be necessary. To stay in Sinai, a warm jacket and hiking boots will do. For boat trips, a wind jacket is perfect. If the Desert area will be your abode, then you need to pack light clothes for the day and jackets for the night.

For summer, pack lightweight clothes to keep you cool. A sweatshirt or light jacket will be perfect to keep you through the cool evening and night. For snorkelling, rubber sole shoes or water shoes are necessary. Bring loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing, light and long shirts and pants of cotton, a hat, a light scarf, sunglasses, and comfortable and breathable shoes.


A trip to Egypt will be awesome if only the timing is right and the purpose is set. People may not see Egypt as a cool place like some European countries. However, stick to the knowledge in this article and know your reasons for visiting Egypt.

Meanwhile, tripnub has affiliations with organisations that can assist you in your trip. There’s help in terms of booking, tour guide, consultation etc. Just contact us.


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