It’s a very nice decisions if you have a plan to take a trip to China, however it’s another good decision to get the right information’s regarding the best time to visit the beautiful country.

People take out time to visit places, sometimes for the first time, to relax and unwind or spend time with themselves and/or their loved ones.

There are a number of places that have become choice locations for people who want to travel and gain new experiences.

Such places include the United States of America, Dubai, the Bahamas, China, Japan etc. This article focuses on China as a great destination for vacations.

China, officially known as the People’s Republic of China, is located in the Eastern part of Asia and has the largest population in the world with a total of 1.4 billion people.

Statistics have shown that China played host to about 55.7 billion international visitors in 2012 and is one of the most visited countries in the world.

The Chinese people are known for their vast culture and a good number of festivals which attract tourists every year.

However, before planning a trip to China, here are some travel tips on the best time to travel to China.

When planning a trip, one of the things to put into consideration is the weather condition of the place you intend on travelling to.

Most people travel to certain places because of an important event or occasion occurring there or just to make the best of a particular season.

Planning a trip to China can be an uphill and challenging task, considering the fact that there are varying seasons and weather conditions that characterize the country of China.

The country experiences four seasons, which include summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Although the different seasons offer varying levels of experiences, it is generally recommended that the seasons of autumn and spring are the best times to travel.

Spring season is usually characterised by warm weather, whilst autumn is known for it’s cool weather is which makes these seasons ideal to travel as the weather is favourable to travellers.

Unlike the summer season which is extremely hot and the winter season which is extremely cold.

This does not mean that summer and winter seasons are not holiday worthy, especially if you have your sunglasses and light clothings, which is ideal for the summer season; and coats and boots for the winter season.

The weather during the autumn and spring seasons are warm and dry, which makes it easier for flowers to blossom and the cities are always brought to life by the locals.


The spring season runs through the months of mid-March to May. The weather is warm and comfortable, with lots of fresh air.

For lovers of nature, this would be the perfect time to visit China, as the flowers, such as the pastel pink flower, are blossoming. However, northern China can be cold at times, during this season, but the weather is still manageable.

The temperature ranges from 10°C to 23°C, which warms up the air and weather is favorable to take tours around the cities of Tibet, Chengdu and ancient villages.

It is also a perfect time to take a tour of the family yellow mountain and get a great view if it.


Autumn, otherwise known as fall, is another season that is right for travelling. The season runs from September to mid-November. This season is preferred by travellers who are mainly outdoor activity lovers.

This is because the weather is relatively dry and there are clearer days with less rainfall than summer and winter.

The temperature is estimated at 15°C to 27°C. The falling of the leaves give the city an aesthetic view and also offers tourists an amazingly beautiful view of the great Wall of China bathed in autumn colors.

Warm clothing’s are recommended, as there is the possibility of the weather getting chilly in the evenings.


The summer and winter seasons and not completely excluded as there are a number of places that provide great destinations for a vacation.

During the summer season, which occurs from June to August, the temperature ranges from 25°C to 33°C, which can be extremely hot.

It is also common to have the cities crowded, as Chinese families that have children within the school age are on break from school.

However, if one can withstand the heat and crowd, sightseeing, sunny mountain hiking and minority festivals in the town’s of Guilin and Oinghai, as well as a tour of the Zhongwei desert, are a number of fun activities to engage in.


Winter is experienced in the months of November to March. The temperature is about 8°C which makes the weather cold and covered with snow.

There are no many activities in this season, however, there are certain cities that offer a great view of snow villages and mountains.

With a good coat, boots and a scarf, a tourist is assured of an amazing visit during the winter season.

It is worthy to note that the Chinese new year, which is celebrated between January ending and beginning or mid-February, occurs during the winter season.

This celebration is a time of great festivities and cultural displays in the country, which include fireworks, a military parade etc.

The condition of the weather does not affect the celebration of the festivities in anyway


China has a number of interesting places that are recommended to be visited during the autumn and spring seasons.

These places have great views and are weather-friendly during these seasons.


During as autumn, places that offer the best experiences include:

TIBET, which has the Polata Palace, which promises a breathtaking view.

GUANGZHOU, a hustling and bustling city that gives a great view of the florescent Canton Tower.

CHENGDU, a city that us home to the pandas in China. A trip to China would not be complete without a visit to this city.

SHANGHAI, which has an impressive view of the “The Bund”, all the way to the old, spectacular, gold-plated Jing’an temple.


Places that offer breathtaking and amazing experiences during spring include:

BEIJING, a city that represents China’s culture and is home to the historic Temple of Heaven.

GREAT WALL OF CHINA, which is approximately about 21,192 km long, is a perfect and must see destination for tourists.

TENGHUUNG ANCIENT TOWN, better known as the water, is a great place to visit.

ZHANGJIAJIA, a city that is home to the famous falling mountains; the Misty clouds which gather above the mountain, gives off a beautiful effect.


China has a diverse festive seasons, where the different cultures and traditions of the Chinese people are being displayed.


  • Quingming festive (which is an official holiday set aside by the Chinese people to honour their ancestors).
  • Buddha festival (which celebrates Buddha’s birthday).
  • Beijing International Long Distance Running Festival.
  • Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival.
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival.
  • Shanghai International Music Festival etc, are celebrated in the spring season.


  • Tai Shan International Climbing Festival.
  • Mid-Autumn festival.
  • Qufu International Confucius Festival.
  • Shanghai International Fireworks Festival (which is celebrated annually in the city of Shanghai on the national day).
  • Ziguan Water, Water and Song Festivals etc, are celebrated in the autumn season.

These are some of the places and festivals that would make a visit to China an unforgettable trip during the seasons of autumn and spring.

As an addition, China celebrates three major events every year, which include: Labour day (1st – 3rd March), Chinese National Day, which is a week long event (1st-7th October) and Chinese New Year day (which occurs either late January or early to mid-February).

During these events, certain days are declared as holidays throughout the country. The country is usually crowded and the prices of certain things, such as flight tickets, increase.

This is because there is a high in flux of people, both foreigners and citizens (who most probably come from other countries) during this period.

It is recommended that travelling during these periods should be avoided because of the crowd and hike in prices of commodities and services.

Booking a flight, making a hotel reservation, getting on trains etc, would become increasingly difficult during these periods.

Due to the holidays as well, mist shops would be closed and a tourist might not get the opportunity to experience the rich cuisines and culture of the people.

However, If one must travel, it is advised that these services are booked in advance and as early as possible.

Also, if the crowd can be tolerated, travelling during these festive periods can be fun and fulfilling as well.


We hope that this article gives a proper and comprehensive guide on the appropriate time to travel to China.

So the next time you are planning a trip or you are planning on making a trip for the first time, China, during the spring and autumn season, should be on your priority list.

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