Best Amazing Places to Visit in Morocco.

Morocco is one of the North’s most countries in Africa. It faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.

A trip to Morocco is a worthwhile trip. Though not all tourists are Muslims, there are tour guides available for every core Muslim location around the country. Tourism is the major sector of its economy. Morocco’s economy is regarded as one of the best in Africa and it has gathered attention from other countries and governmental bodies.

Therefore, this article addresses some of the best places to visit or tour in Morocco.


Rabat is the capital city of Morocco. It’s located at the Atlantic ocean near the city’s chief commuter point. There are volumes of fabulous places to visit. This includes the multi-purpose 52,000-capacity stadium primarily used for soccer and named after Prince Moulay Abdellah.

Another amazing site is the oldest place of worship, the mosque – Jama’ al-‘Atiqa. This mosque is situated at the top sight-seeing district of Kasbah. Kasbah’s northern part offers a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean westward and Salé northward. Sporting a suitable location to enjoy these panoramic views could send chills of calmness and ease down your nerve – reasons you should not miss a Morocco trip.

Another adorable sight is the Hassan tower found in the gardens of Jardin Tour Hassan. You should also visit the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, check out as it glitters.

Do you love the arts?

Then check out the numerous art collection in the Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Sidi Ifni

The city is located on the west coast of Morocco, on the Atlantic shores. Sidi Ifni is a significant fishing hub with a key fishing port for fish exportation. Due to the possibility of ocean-shipping, the Sidi Ifni government positioned a ship-offloading cable system to offload cargo from ships at the city’s port. However, the cable system is no more but the station’s sight is still in view.

Another lovely thing is the pristine Legzira beach. You can take a majestic stroll, frolicking around the sandy beaches. At the Ifni surf, you can take out time to enjoy Surfing & Windsurfing. Have valuable lessons & workshops as well. Meanwhile, there are sumptuous cuisines around the spot. At Parapente Legzira, you can enjoy such things as parasailing and paragliding. Meanwhile, a place like Ste. Chez Casso is the main spot for bars and clubs alike.


Meknes was once the capital city of Morocco. The city was initially founded as a military colony in the north-central region of Morocco. The main economic activities here centre around agriculture, services and industry. Hence having a competitive economy.

Also, It’s interesting that Morocco has four Imperial cities and Meknes is one of them. It also has the semblance of Roman architecture. When we speak of attractions and tourism, then you can’t skip places like the Roman ruins of Volubilis. It’s a significant remnant of the Roman. Places of eager interest in this site are the House of Orpheus, the House of the Athlete, and the House of the Labors of Hercules.

Another interesting sight is the Pastel-painted Alleys of Moulay Idrisa. A holy city in Morocco is named after a saint. You can tour round to view the beautiful architecture of Makes. One place not to miss is the attractive bustling shopping town, Medina. You could consider a shopping spree here.


Asilah is located northwest of the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The cultural event at Asilah is popular. Morocco host a variety of cultural activities here including a mural-painting festival, arts festivals, and music festivals. The popular International Cultural Festival usually held in August spotlights music like Jazz and Moroccan music. Also featured in the event are exhibitions of various artworks.

Morocco is close to Spain, and because of this, the cuisines you’ll find in this region are called Ibero-Moroccan. Examples are prominent delicacies like paella and anchovies which have both Moroccan and Spanish flavours. Another attraction is Asilah’s Medina which is fortified with sturdy stones and blooms with boutiques and galleries. There are diverse pristine beaches including Rada beach, Paradise beach, Sidi Mghayet etc. You’ll also notice the site of the grand palace, Palais de Raissouli. The palace is usually opened during the Asilah festival. Another wonderful site is the southern gate into the medina called Bab Homar.


Fes is the second-largest city in Morocco. The city lies in the northern hemisphere of Morocco and is centred around the old river and hills. Fes’s economy is anchored primarily in trade and craftsmanship. Tourism is the most dependable source of income.

Also, streets like Tala’a Kebira, and around the central bazaar known as the Kissariat al-Kifah are the top commercial neighbourhood in Fes, hence giving Fes its reputation as a one-time commercial hub in Morocco.

When it comes to attractions in Fes, you should consider the historic ambient hotel, Riad Hotels. The hotels were initially traditional Medina buildings built around courtyards, the buildings were then converted to the riad hotels of fes.

Another site is the adorable mosque, Medersa Bou Inania, which also scours the Mellah District



This is one of the Imperial cities of Morocco and persists as the fourth largest city in Morocco. The Imperial city makes a lot of cash from tourism attracting millions annually. Even trade and crafts are integral factors of the city’s economy. The city is also known to attract and accommodate French citizens including their celebrities. Marrakesh also has numerous fantastic architectures.

Attractions here include the Medina Souks. Marrakesh’s medina is a notorious attractive location. The medina bustles with shopping activities of all sorts. There are metal shops, traders’ shops, boutiques and malls. Another inciting experience is the dark ambience ordeal at Djemaa El Fna after dark. Here, you’ll find fortune tellers, musicians, bric-a-brac stalls and magical displays of different forms.


Tangier is located on the northwest coast of Morocco where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean sea. Economically, the city after Casablanca is the main economic growth contributor in Morocco. The city heavily relies on tourism and industry, having a core industrial sector in textile, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and naval.

For tourism, there are core places to visit including the Medina in  Tangier. The historic museum in this medina portrays the relationship between the US and Morocco. Another top attraction here is the Kasbah of Tangier in north Medina. Historically, the Kasbah was a defensive fortress where the sultan once lived. The central gate to Medina is located here leading to a courtyard, which leads to Dar el-Makhzen Palace – once a palace, now a museum.

Another grandiose sight is the Ville Nouvelle. It portrays the immediate past centuries’ architectural design. Another adorable view is the Cap Spartel, an investment creating a remarkable boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.


Casablanca is the main commercial and economic hub of Morocco. Globally it’s a high-ranking Financial centre. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and is located in the centralwestern part of the country. Economically, leading corporations both internationally and in Morocco have their headquarters in Casablanca.

The city heavily contributes to the economy of Morocco in areas like industry, agriculture etc.

In terms of attraction and tourism, we have places like Hassan II Mosque. The second-largest mosque in the world with the world’s tallest Minaret. Another admiration centre is downtown.

The Place Mohamed V plaza is the most significant plaza in downtown Casablanca. Many official buildings are located here. These include the main post office, Palace of Justice, the main Bank of Morocco etc.

Another tour site is the Medina in Casablanca. Though not as historic as those in Fes, there are local shrines dedicated to holy men of the Muslim community in the southern part.


Agadir is located near the feet of Atlas Mountain on the Atlantic shores of Morocco. This is certainly one of the most significant cities in Morocco. Agadir’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism and agriculture, especially fishing having a major fishing port.

Terms of Medina souks, it has one of the largest souks in Morocco.

Agadir host the most prominent Moroccan beaches. Beaches here have facilities like cafes, restaurants, sunshades etc. Some hotels’ beachfront have private strips of sand for their visitors. Another fascinating fact is the Kasbah of Agadir which survived the past earthquake in the 1960s. Even the gateway where preserved and the wall fortified.

You can as well explore the centre of the city. Note the modern-stylist mosque. Also found in the city centre is the Amazigh Museum which tells the story of Morocco’s Amazigh (Berber) cultures.

Another landmark is the Memorial Museum which calls to memory Agadir’s tragic 1960 earthquake ordeal. Another place to visit is the Crocopark. At the park, remnants of crocodiles that survived the wild hunting packs are preserved for tourism purposes.


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Morocco is a lovely place to visit. I mean  Consider its closeness to Spain. It’s such that even the cuisines have a mixture of Spanish and Moroccan tastes and flavours.


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