When you mention countries like Jamaica, then you’re talking about countries in the Caribbean region. However, in the article, I’ll discuss places to visit in Jamaica. I won’t leave you alone to search your way through the dark, but I will light up the path with good reasons. These good reasons will be the hope upon which the place you choose to visit is based.

Jamaica is an island country situated right in the Caribbean sea. Its system of government is Monarchy and the country’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism hence, most cities on the island are extremely beautiful. In fact, some cities and towns in Jamaica are heavens on earth, hence, let’s go through the narratives.


The city, of Kingston, sits on the southeastern coast of the island. Though Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica, it’s also the largest. Are you considering places to visit in Jamaica? then take note of Kingston. Moreover, there are many reasons to visit this beautiful city.

Why Visit Kingston

Kingston is the main hub for economic activities in Jamaica. Also, being the city with the largest population in the country, it has more companies and industries, schools, hospitals, and colleges. You’ll also discover that more socioeconomic services take place here, hence, the city plays a core role in the economy and the development of Jamaica.

In addition, Kingston city has several tourist attractions such as most of the urban parks in Jamaica. You’ll also find the Devon House, a lifelong historical landmark. Devon House is home to the city’s nicest cream, pastry, gourmet cuisine, and Jamaican gems.

Also, Kingston is where the largest botanical garden lies. Aside from the aforementioned facts, there are many more fantastic things you’ll discover in Jamaica.

Portland Parish

This location on the northeast coast of Jamaica is a parish with the town of Port Antonio, as its capital. From this location, you’ll have an impressive view of part of the Blue Mountain. Moreso, Parish’s basic commerce drive is in the agriculture and tourism sector.

Why Visit Portland Parish

In terms of tourism, the Parish boasts of places like Frenchman’s Cove. Boston Beach. Winifred, and Dragon Bay. You’ll also find the Blue Mountains. Similarly, the famous and international Blue Lagoon is in the parish. Portland parish indeed boasts of notorious places in Jamaica.

They have been numerous screen production carried out in the parish. It’s a famous site for movies and other screen production. Instances are the production of movies and songs by Walt Disney, Vista production and the famous Rihana from Barbados.

Also, if you love outdoor activities and outings, its restaurants are one of the best. Shopping is a roller coaster and sports like biking are a surefire engagement.

Ochio Rios

You’ll locate this domain in the parish of Saint Ann on the north coast of Jamaica. It’s sure one of the places in Jamaica full of astonishing things. The natives simply call it Ochi. Also in Ochi, scuba diving and other water sports are common.

Why Visit Ochio Rios

Thinking of places of an utmost beach vacation? Then welcome to Ochi. The beaches offer the beauteous sight of soft white sands. Also, the availability of resorts and tourist facilities, and shopping from luxury malls. Beaches include James Bond Beach.

For watersports, you can think of sailing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, etc. In the music aspect, you can’t get enough of the tropical vibes of Jamaican music and also their food.

You’ll indeed fall in love with the waterfall, Dunn’s River Falls. Moreso, it’s a 1,000 feet high treasure in Jamaica found in Ochi.

In addition, you can’t miss out on the sight of the 700 feet Mystic Mountain. The adventure-seeking ones will love the mountain peak which offers great opportunities for outdoor activities.

Montego Bay

Commonly called MoBay by natives. Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of St. James in Jamaica. There are many reasons to visit this city, one of them is tourism. The resort-style here is second to none and it’s the tourism capital city in Jamaica.

Why Visit Montego Bay

MoBay has abundant tourist wonders for the eyes to behold. Since it’s the tourism capital city in Jamaica you should expect more. You’ll find the horseshoe-shaped Doctor’s Cave Beach here in MoBay.

MoBay is the Caribbean’s most popular resort. If all you think is leisure then Montego Bay is a place for you.

You can also take a cool tour down the Martha Brae River, then behold the crocodiles at the Jamaica Swamp Safari Village. Or, you can also hike deep into the wilderness of Cockpit Country, and behold its tiny ecosystem and wild orchids on the wayside.

There are great outdoor activities like horse riding at Braco Stables to golf circuits like White Witch and Cinnamon Hill. You can also visit plantation houses like the Bellefield Great House.


Across the parts of two Jamaican parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover you will locate a small beach resort town, Negril. At Negril coastline, you’ll find its famous beach in the background. The town’s southward beach is at Westmoreland while the northward beach is at Hanover.

Why Visit Negril

To the South of downtown Negril is West End Road. This road is lined with resorts that offer more privacy to individuals. The water bodies that lie here make provision for snorkelling and diving.

On a new highway in Negril, more hotels and tour operators continue to develop new attractions for visitors and natives. Examples of the new development are The resorts include Couples Swept Away, Couples Negril, Sandals, Beaches, Samsara Hotel, Legends Resorts etc.

Also, one major event, The Reggae Marathon has been held yearly in Negril since 2001.


In the county of Middlesex, Jamaica, in the parish of Manchester, that’s where to find Mandeville. Meanwhile, Mandeville is the capital as well as the largest town in the parish of Manchester.

Why Visit Mandeville

In the winding streets in the town centre, you’ll find a town square, parish church and clock tower. Also down the street, are beautiful houses of the 19th century.

Mandeville is a resident of the Northern Caribbean University. Meanwhile, it’s a major commercial centre.

Its golf club, founded in 1869 was firstly named the Manchester Golf Club, meanwhile, it was the first golf course in the Caribbean.

Around Cecil Charlton Park, also called Mandeville Square, you’ll find fountains and historic symbols especially concerning the war theme. You’ll also find another historic landmark, Mandeville Hotel.

Port Antonio

Found in the parish of Portland on the northeastern coast of Jamaica. Port Antonio is indeed the capital of the parish of portland. Its boasts of a nicely shaped landscape. It’s one of the most important tourist locations in Jamaica. Meanwhile, tourism being one of the foremost contributors to the growth of the Economy in Jamaica, Port Antonio contributes greatly.

Why Visit Port Antonio

A very famous sight is that of the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica. Another popular activity is the native bamboo rafting on the Rio Grande river.

Other activities that can appeal to visitors and natives in Jamaica are surfing at Boston Beach or sunbathing in Frenchman’s Cove. Similarly, how would you see chilling on the Boston beach showcasing its stunning, attractive beach coastline?

Also, you can enjoy incredible dishes in Jamaica by exploring the Boston Jerk Center in Port Antonio.


The town, Falmouth, is the capital of the parish of Trelawny in Jamaica. Yet, you’ll find the town on the Northcoast of Jamaica. Beginning from its architecture, it was a well-planned town with a wide street, good water supply and electricity. Meanwhile, the town is the Caribbean’s most preserved town.

Why Visit Falmouth

Certainly, you can’t miss the cruise of its picturesque forests and vegetations, long emerald rivers and waterfall, caves and pristine beaches.

An excursion to the Falmouth port is nothing but a cruise at its peak.

Also, you can take a tour through shopping and visit the beautiful hotels in the town. Meanwhile, you should also consider its Heritage sites like the Good Hope Great House and the Estate Park.


On the hills of St. Elizabeth Parish, on the island of Jamaica, there you’ll locate the Village Accompong. Certainly, the village is an inhabitant of the Maroons and the Taino natives. In addition, the village is ruled by a chief chosen by voting.

Why Visit Accompong

In 1739, the Maroon leader Cudjoe signed a peace treaty following their struggle for autonomy. This act took place under the then tree, the Kindah tree. However, This legendary, ancient mango tree is still standing. The tree symbolizes the common kinship of the village community on their native land.

Another reason to visit Accompong is to explore its culture. Also, the village’s landscape is worthy of attention from travellers and tourists.


We have travelled far and a little deep into the land of Jamaica. The Jamaican would do well to commend this piece of a  travel guide which focuses on the land of Jamaica. However, we’ve dived through the incredible things possed by the land. Hence, it’s certain that this piece of information was indeed useful.


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