Europe is the second smallest continent in the world yet this continent has a plethora of Wonders and surprises for the world to see.

The consist of Fifty sovereign states; Seven non-sovereign regions; Four partially recognized republics, territories, and regions; and Two unrecognized republics, territories, and regions.

Traveling around Europe could be, however, quite easy by just hopping on a plane or chopper. This is due to the nearness or proximity between each country of the continent.

There are many reasons to visit Europe. These include the cuisines, beauty, history, remarkable sites and landmarks, culture, and trenches wonders.

In our list, we’ll discuss some of those best, most famous places to visit in Europe.

Paris, France.

Early morning view of PARIS

Visiting France is deemed a thrilling adventure. France is no unpopular place in Europe; it’s undoubtedly one of the most famous places in the world. France is known as the “city of light”. This name was given due to its outstanding occupants of intellectuals – writers, academics, poets, artists, sculptors, etc.

Reasons we have France in our list as one of the best places to visit in Europe are due to the following amazing facts:

  • Europe’s largest museum, the louver, is found in Paris. It’s known as the largest museum with the highest number of visitors in the world. It contains over 38,000 artworks including Monalisa, the winged Victory, and Venus de Milo.
  • The Eiffel Tower ranked the fourth most visited place in the world.  The tower has three levels – first, second and top floor. The tower is quite a remarkable landmark in Europe.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral.

Aside from these aforementioned facts, France has numerous amazing locations.

Green lake, Austria.

Green lake

Green Lake is a lake in Styria, Austria found in a village named Tragöß. It’s also known as “Grüner See”. surrounded by the Hochshawab mountains. It’s a notable place for hikers and divers. Its green color is mainly from the grasses and foliage that’s beneath the waters. During summer snow melts from the mountains filling the lake with water.

However, the lake is formed with an underwater park that is filled with roads, bridges, meadows, and trails. These eye-catching sights account for its tourist attraction, making it one place you shouldn’t miss in Europe.

Santorini Island, Greece.

The island certainly has some of the most incredibly expensive accommodation in Europe, filled with luxury. It’s quite an attraction for celebrities. In 1960 the Santorini was a fashionable Greek Island for celebrities.

Santorini is the only location on earth with so much variety of wines. The only place with inhabited Caldera, and surrounded by volcanic rocks.

The island of Nea Kameni – the Santorini volcano – is a volcanic island at the center of the caldera.

Remember the dark water that rounds this island has a healing and therapeutic power, so it shouldn’t be a place to miss.

The waters contain iron and manganese which are remedies to diseases older people usually suffer from.

The Azores, Portugal.

The Azores

This place is an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in Portugal, located in the mid-Atlantic ocean.

it’s a good place for sports like Windsurfing, hang gliding, scuba diving, and sailing or even whale watching.

Azores’ San Miquel island has two leisure spots, the Poca da Dona Beija and Terra Nostra hot springs for maximum comfort and relaxation. These springs are geothermally heated. They are known for the famous dish Cozido das Furnas.

The Azores can be accessed both from Europe and America. The best visiting times are when it’s dry and warm.

Istanbul, Turkey.


Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city. Both natives and tourists go to Taksim for shopping and entertainment.

Most nightlife venues are located in Galata.

Famous historical scenes are located in Sultanahmet-Old City. New City is the main business hub with modern shopping malls. The European Bank of the Bosphorus is beautified with numerous palaces, parks and water-front mansions.

Beşiktaş and Ortaköy are also located in Bosphorus.

Awesome views of beautiful wooden houses, verdant pine gardens, and the archipelago of car-free Islands (big and small) are located in Princes’ Island. Istanbul is sure an extraordinary place in Europe.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland.

Swiss Alps

The Alpine region of Switzerland shorten is Swiss Alps is one of the best tourist sites in Europe. Assorted delicacies here are fondue, artisan, cheese from the alp, fine chocolates, bratwurst, Italian wine, raclette, and pastries.

Alpinewild tour consists of hiking, therefore you could spend your summer hiking in Europe precisely in the Swiss Alps.

The Alps is the best-supported Hiking location in the world. You’ll find persuading sights of larch forests, lush alpine meadows, surging streams and waterfalls, powerful glaciers, and snow-capped peaks as you hike. Make sure your camera is close by.

Animals like the Chamois and marmot dwell on high alpine slopes. Red deer and fox hide in the thick forests. Black orchids and rare edelweiss are also spotted along the trails.

Budapest, Hungary.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary. you can also refer to it as “The Paris of the East” . Its attraction is due to its amazing architecture, cultural and entertainment features. In Europe, it has remarkable places like:

  • Buda Castle and Castle Hill

Houses important medieval monuments and museums of the city.

  • Danube

The Danube is a pleasant old riverside walk that extends between the Elizabeth and Széchenyi Chain Bridges.

  • Central Market Hall

Budapest’s largest and oldest market.

  • The Museum of fine art.

The most important gallery in Budapest which was build in 1870.

Additionally, Budapest has the largest synagogue in Europe, popularly known as the water bath of the world that produces 70 million liters of thermal water a day.

Brisighella, Italy.  


It’s one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is overseen by:

Three hills (Tre Colli) And;

Three rocks of selenite, on which the Manfredi Fortress, the Sanctuary of Monticino, and the Clock Tower rest.

The village streets to Fontana Vecchia, the oldest fountain in Brisighella with beautiful sights of elevated and staircase roads.

It’s a perfect place for leisure with an outstanding spa center in the village. They’ve preserved their special culinary and products over the centuries.

These comprises the Moretto artichoke, Brisighella extra virgin olive oil, cheese ripened in the chalk caves, Mora Romagnola pork meat.

Fruits such as the Volpina pear And assorted wineries like Brisighella wines, with the Sangiovese and Albania.

Hague, Netherlands.


Hague is an evergreen land with more trees than inhabitants, with more than 115 courtyards.

The first traffic light in Europe was in Hague, in a place called the Anna Paulownastraat near the peace palace.

It’s the International center for peace and justice. The Dutch royal family resides in Hague same with the country’s parliament.

Famous and wonderful places in Hague include:

  • Beach resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin.
  • Mauritshuis Museum.
  • Binnenhof. This is the political center of the Netherlands.
  • Palace Noordeinde. The king working palace.
  • Miniature theme park Madurodam.
  • Flagship shops and stores.

Durham City, England.

Durham City

Popularly known as ” The City Of Medicine”. The city has over 300 medical companies and medical practices.

Even the well popular London World toughest bridge is also located in Durham.

Remarkable places and sites in Durham include:

  • The Barnard Castle and Raby castle
  • Durham’s Cathedral and Castle World Heritage Site
  • The Bowes Museum. It houses a 230-year-old musical automaton, the Bowes MuseumSwan, which plays every day to captivate watchers.
  • Causey Arch, the world’s oldest railway bridge.
  • Durham Regatta.

London, England.


Despite being the smallest city in England london over 300 languages

The Clock Tower is London’s most remarkable landmark with the bell called “Big Ben.” The amazing tower of London has six ravens placed to protect it. Buckingham Palace where the Queen resides is located in London. You can see her royal flag – the Royal Standard – flying from the flagpole. The flag signifies the resident of the queen.

The Millennium Dome in London is the biggest structure of its kind in the world. Many astonishing facts about London are that it’s surely the pride of Europe.

Furthermore, London boasts of over 170 museums. From the massive British Museum – London’s most popular tourist attraction – to the smaller Fan Museum in Greenwich. The city has the Waterloo Tube Station which is the busiest for public transport in London.

About 80% of billionaires in the UK reside in London. It also has many outstanding sites and places in like:

  • Westminster: This is the political hub of London and the largest palace. It houses ‘Big Ben’ and Westminster Abbey.
  • The Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath.
  • London Eye: The giant Ferris wheel offers marvelous views across the city. It’s the center for fireworks at the new year’s celebration.
  • Thames Cruise – the longest river in London.
  • The O2 arena.
  • Harrods – one of London’s most famous department stores.
  • Galleries.


Traveling around Europe is fun. No place in the world is full of diversity of culture and wonders. Aside from the ones we’ve discussed, there are still other outstanding places to consider when visiting Europe.

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