Best Places To Visit In Egypt.

Egypt is a nicely-known arid land in Africa. Hot deserts, dry weather, hot air, wild winds etc. All this describes the very personality of Egypt. Meanwhile, with proper knowledge and guidance, you’ll skip tourism in Egypt at certain times.

You will learn how to make the most use of the springtime, autumn, winter and summer.

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Yeah, even the hot and dry summer is included.

However, before pondering on beginning your trip, this article will furnish you with the knowledge and understanding of the best places to touchdown as you penetrate Egypt.


This city was created by Alexander the Great and later developed to become a significant city featuring the Hellenic civilisation. The natives call it the “Bride of the Mediterranean”. Alexandria is the port city of the Mediterranean and a heavy industrial city in Egypt due to its possession of oil and natural gas.

In the past, it was named one of the seven wonders of the world because of places like the Lighthouse of Alexandria, its great library and the Necropolis. Also, some of its ancient glorified places were transformed into museums. You can tour around the Alexandria Opera House, the culture captions the play of classical music, Arabic music, ballet, and opera.

The Corniche waterfront is a cool sight viewing location. You could also stroll along the road to get some relief.

As you tour the end of the Corniche seafront, you’ll find another landmark to explore, Fort Qaitbey. It was erected to prevent the port from being attacked.


Hurghada is located on the red sea coast of Egypt. It’s one of the most attractive tourist locations in Egypt. Hurghada is also close to many known resorts in Egypt. Examples of these resorts are El Mahmya, El Gouna, Soma Bay, Sharm El Naga, Makadi Bay, El Qoseir, and Sahl Hasheesh.

You can enjoy beach life in Egypt by finding your way down to the resorts near Hurghada. The most beach enjoyment you’ll experience is to be gotten at a Sigala. Another resort with an overwhelming beach experience is the one at Sahl Hasheesh.

You can also take a tour around Giftun Islands via a boat trip to experience the beautiful white sands of the red sea coast. This scenic view offers a good opportunity for snorkelling. The straits of Gubal is another cool place where the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula clasp the water making the view fantastic.

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is the most deserted or solitary dwelling in Egypt. This part is occupied by the people called Berbers. Siwa Oasis is a modern Oasis. Important factors that make up its economy are palm plantation, olive cultivation and handcraft-like baskets. Also, tourism has played important role in the economy of the city.

Being such a deserted place, Siwa Oasis has cultivated competence in areas of handcrafted like pottery, silverwork and embroidery, and basketry. Another common thing known about them is their idiosyncratic way of dressing. Also, there are tourist locations to visit here. The fortification of Shali is situated at the centre of the modern-day Siwa. Also touring Gebel Dakrur is fun. This is the best place to get a panoramic view of Oasis Mountain which has three peaks. This is one of the blessings of Egypt.

Other places to visit are Cleopatra’s bath, the temple of the Oracle etc.


Saccara of Saqqara is a Giza-regulated village in Egypt. It acts as the necropolis of ancient Egypt where Memphis was its ancient character. This is where you’ll find the ancient Egyptian tombs known as tombs. During a recent archaeological excavation in 2011, discoveries at the site include eight million animal mummies at the sacred temple of Anubis.

The act of animal mummification was a religious Asa and spiritual one where these mummified animals were to pass on people’s prayers to Anubis in the eternal realm. Tourist places here include the Necropolis of Saqqara. Places for sight viewing include Imhotep Museum, the Step Pyramid, the Pyramid of Teti, the Serapeum, the Mastaba of Ti etc.

Around the village is the pyramid of Dahshur. Red pyramid. Bent pyramid. Black pyramid. Pyramids of Abusir. Pyramid of Sahure. Pyramid of Neferirkare. Pyramid of Niuserre.

Your tour around Saqqara will apparently centre around the afore listed locations.


Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. A city of wonders. It’s the largest city in Egypt and Africa at large. Key ancient places in Egypt were situated in modern-day Cairo. These include Memphis, Heliopolis, and Giza pyramid complex. Cairo is the political hub of Egypt. Egypt’s civilisation is such that many key organisations” headquarters reside in Cairo. Even the second world’s oldest learning institution, Al-Azhar University, situates here.

In Cairo, you will find many Arabian investments: Institutes, organisations etc. Cairo has the oldest and largest Arab cinema and music industry. Even the Arab League has its headquarters in Cairo.

Attractions in Cairo include the great pyramid of Giza where dynastic funerals lie. You can also take a tour viewing the antiquities of the great Egyptian museum.


Nubia is the part between the Nile part of Egypt and the blue and white Nile of Sudan Khartoum. The people that dwell in this mutual settlement are called the Nubians. The Nubian division between Egypt and Sudan took place after colonialism ended in 1953 after Egypt got their independence.

Tourist attractions here include Salina Calcara. A speciality museum and historic site. This salt-producing site gives an awesome view. La Torre Saracena di Nubia is a historic landmark and significantly, a place for observation decks & towers. Another intriguing tourist attraction is the Salina Culcasi. A nature and wildlife region. Many visitors would rather love to spend most of their time here viewing and probably interacting with the wildlife and natural habitat in the park.


Luxor is a modern city in Egypt with ancient historic sites. The city’s landmarks and museums mark interesting stories about ancient Egypt civilisation including its architecture. In terms of tourism, this seems to be the most, if not one of the most open-air tourist centres with its museums being the most open-air museums in Egypt.

There are numerous economic activities in Luxor. However, the city’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism. There are other supports from agriculture and the potter industry.

On the western bank lies the Theban Necropolis with the overview of the valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens – very significant places. You will also find the Artisan valley, the tombs of nobles etc. On the east bank lies the open-air Karnak temple, the Luxor temple, the Luxor museum, and the mummification museum. Other notorious landmarks include houses, mortuaries and temples where sites are dedicated to certain significant figures in the ancient civilisation of Egypt.


Aswan is a city in the southern part of Egypt. The Aswan Governorate, it’s the capital city. Aswan is a very busy Egyptian market and centre of tourism. It also prevails and is globally recognised in the world of folk art and craft.

Attractive places in Aswan include Elephantine Island. At this location, you’ll find the museums on the island and the oldest places in Aswan. Abu Simbel is another attraction built by Ramses 11. Citizens in Aswans come here to board taxes and buses to other locations around the city. Another interesting site is the panoramic architecture of the Temple of Isis – commonly called the Philae Temple. This monument gave a marvellous viewing site to tourists. One more place to tour is the uncompleted obelisk.


Giza is the second-largest city in Egypt. It’s situated on the west bank of the Nile. Giza is globally known for places like its plateau where many historical monuments reside. These include the famous pyramid of Giza and the sphinx. This location is also significant due to its nearness to the old Memphis site.

Economic activities bloom here as well as many things take place. This includes industrial activities like chemical, Giza cotton, Machinery, Cigarette industries etc. Along the Nile river, there are heavy investments in real estate. Many luxurious apartments can be found here.

Attractions in this location include the great Pyramid of Cheops or Pyramid of Khufu. It was built by the ancient Pharaoh khufu. Another interesting sight to behold is the solar boat museum.

Also, on the side of the pyramid of Khufu are three pyramids. This includes tombs for queens and a daughter of the Pharaoh and a large cemetery for other relatives.


Finally, Africa has notorious attractive places such as Egypt. Egypt as we have learnt isn’t just a place in the African continent, but a highly esteemed country in the Arab world.

Egypt plays a pivotal role in the Arabian culture vis-a-vis the Muslim religion. Places like Cairo have such weight and capacity to house headquarters Arabian organisations and institutions. In short, in Cairo, the Arab nations are heavily represented.


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