The Republic of Austria is a beautiful country in the southern part of central Europe. So, you might be wondering, why should I visit Austria. Now, there are a million reasons to do so. Most of its states, districts, cities, villages and towns are beautiful and enchanting. Therefore, Austria is rich in sight viewing and landmarks. Both its natural landscape and settings are awe enough to sweep visitors off their feet.

So, the information provided in this write-up is a guide for travellers to choose from the best places in Austria, where they wish to spend their travelling moments. Therefore, the following are listed locations chosen to be discussed in this article. Enjoy your reading time.

Zell am See  

Zell am See 1 3
Zell am See 

Also called Zell am See-Kaprun. It’s a lakeside town in Salzburg, Austria. Albeit, we choose this location for you to visit in Austria. Also, the whole of Zell sets a district as an amazing place for tourism and leisure.

There are a plethora of wonderful sightseeing spots coupled with the mouthwatering foods in this place.

Wonders And Attractions

Moreso, this lakeside town in Austria offers a couple of wonders and attractions enough to compel you to abide as you visit.

The Schmittenhöhe offers outstanding sights of mountains, Ski & Snowboard areas.

Gipfelwelt 3000 speaks of the notches of attention, famous landmarks and lookouts.

Exotic beaches & pool clubs also ski & snowboard areas.

Also, you can’t miss the gorgeous sight of lake Zell alongside its light show. In addition, there’s present, the scenic railroad of the town.


Vienna 1 1

This city is the capital of Austria. It’s also the most populous city in Austria. However, Vienna is a beautiful city with luxury and awe.  Comparatively, the region is very wealthy, hence in rating, It’s one of the richest regions in the European Union.

Wonders And Attractions

One of its famous attractions is where the world’s oldest zoo (zoo, Tiergarten Schönbrunn) is. In addition, this location is the famous palaces of the Hofburg and Schönbrunn.

The numerous art museums alone attract millions to Austria.

The Hundertwasserhaus, the United Nations headquarters is in this grand city.

The Austrian Parliament Building is a grand landmark.

The Vienna state opera is a one in a million. Also, is the giant Ferris wheel.

The grotesque Belvedere palace is a masterpiece of artwork.

Finally, Vienna is a resident of famous, luxurious hotels in Austria.


hallstatt 2374936 340 1

In the Salzkammergut area of Austria, on the Eastern shore of Lake Hallstatt, you will locate the village of Hallstatt. There are two statements in this article I’ll use to describe Hallstatt. Firstly, the village is known for its salt production, having the world’s oldest salt mine. Therefore, you may want to call it “salt town” or “salt village”. Secondly, the term used to define this area is ” overtourism”.

This unbelievably outstanding village is the most viewed location on Instagram. Also, the village setting offers a view of grandeur due to its magnificent mountain scenery.

Wonders And Attractions

 A walk through the salt mine, Salzwelten, should communicate the old feelings of the ancient inhabitants and operators of the salt mine. Also, have you thought of skywalking, the 360 meters above the rooftops of Hallstatt’s salt Mountain offers a high view from top to bottom.

Skulls for aesthetics are labelled and painted, store in the ossuary of the Catholic Church in Hallstatt.

Lake Hallstatt also has eye-catching sights for visitors. In addition, I wouldn’t fail to mention the expensive hotels and mouthwatering delicacies native to the people in Austria.


Graz 1 1

This is the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Styria. Graz is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna. In a sense, Graz city is the education hub of Austria.

Wonders And Attractions

The Graz Museum of Contemporary Art near Mur river.

The glamour sight of the Island in the Mur, a floating platform created from steel. Additionally, It contains a café, an open-air theatre and a playground.

The historic centre. It comprises:

  • The Castle hill funicular Schlossberg hill.
  • The New Gallery, Neue Galerie is a museum of art.
  • The Clock Tower, Uhrturm.
  • Graz Opera House.
  • Graz city park. Among others.

Eggenberg Palace (called Schloss Eggenberg) is a baroque palace located in western Graz. The palace contains Staterooms and a museum.


Tyrol 1 1

This is a Western state in Austria, located in the alps region.

Wonders And Attractions

Tyrol offers a stunning sight of a grand mountain landscape. Several outdoor activities are carried out like hiking and mountain climbing. Also, there are about 500 mountains in the region.

Along the main alpine part are 600 glaciers. Thus giving a great sightseeing experience to visitors.

 Also found here is the luscious scene of green meadows and charming wooden huts.

Moreover, Tyrol is famous for ski resorts, historic sites and folk traditions.

Hence, lists of outdoor engagements are Skiing. Snowboarding. Cross Country skiing. Snowshoeing. Winter walking. Cycling. Mountain Biking. Hiking. Swimming.

Another thing to discover is the enchanting, luxurious hotels of Austria.

In addition, you can also note the Tryol culture. A traditional form of mural art known as Lüftlmalerei. Moreso, it’s in their culture to make a kind of sweet bread made from dried fruits and nuts. It’s specially made for the Advent season. The sweet bread is natively called “Tyrolean Dried Fruit Bread”.


Krems 1 1

Officially called Krems an der Donau. It’s the fifth-largest city in lower Austria. Furthermore, Krems is reputable for its diversity of activities and engagement. Additionally, the city’s history contains wine production.

Wonders And Attractions

The old town of Krem is a historic location. Also the Piarist Church.

The Steiner Tor gate was erected in 1480. It is the second remaining medieval gate.

The city’s main railway station. It’s a junction of the Franz-Josefs Railway to Vienna. The Kremser Railway to St. Pölten. Also the Donauufer Railway to Spitz, and the regional railway to Horn.

Leisure sports are Swimming which is both indoor swimming pool and outdoor swimming. Football. Ice hockey. Miniature golf. Rugby Club Krems. Skatepark. Team handball. Union Badminton Krems.

Unique castles and museums. Also, the river Danube is one of the most important rivers in Europe.


Alpbach 1

This is a town in western Austria. Its location is precisely in Trol state. In past histories mining activities were extended to this part of Austria.

Also in history was Vorder-Unterberg Farm which is now a mountain farming museum. Also, the farming museum exhibits include the old parlour, chapel, a combined kitchen and smokehouse, and over 800 artefacts.

Wonders And Attractions

Alpbach is the venue for the Alpbach European Forum. It’s an annual two-week conference featuring leading figures from different fields like science, business, the arts and politics. Moreso, this gathering is where men have their thinking cap, consequently, shaping their immediate world. For that reason, Alpbach is “The village of thinkers”.

Known for skies and quiet pistes. It once received an award for the Most Beautiful Floral Village in Europe.

It’s indeed a wonderful location for winter sports activities such as skiing and winter hiking. Snowsports.

However, you can as well enjoy summer sports. Maybe you want to hike, cycle, or paraglide.

One of Alpbach’s famous landmarks in Austria is Wiedersberger Horn (the mountain used for all of the runs). Later, a new lift was opened in 2006-2007 which is a gondola. This lift allows people to move from Inner-Alpbach to near the top of the enchanting mountain.

The Wachau

The Wachau 1
The Wachau

This picturesque location is in a valley in western Austria. However, the Wachau valley got its landscape from the very influence of The Danube river – one of the most important rivers in Europe. The place is a very prominent tourist in Lower Austria. In addition, It sits midway between the towns of Melk and Krems.

Moreso, Due to its high-quality wines. The Wachau attracts rich and prominent wine lovers.

Wonders And Attractions

The Wachau valley is reputable for its production of apricots and grapes. This agricultural history is what accounts for the production of wine and liquor in the domain.

Present in the region alone, are more than five thousand historical monuments. Examples are:

  • The Benedictine abbeys of Melk, it’s a huge baroque Benedictine monastery.
  • Göttweig. This is the monastery of canons regular.
  • The late-Gothic Piarist church.
  • The Schallaburg Castle is a Renaissance-style castle.
  • The Steiner Tor.
  • Dürnstein. The famous wine-growing region.
  • The Durnstein castle.
  • The Burgruine Aggstein

Furthermore, the Wachau is a historic preservation site for the mediaeval landscape. These include architecture in the towns and the villages.

Another main sight is the Dunkelsteinerwald Forest with hidden treasures in it.

In addition, sports activities include cycling along the Danube. Hiking through the region, exploring the fields and forest.


From the above, the facts that enumerate the enchanting and grandeur display of Austria are explained. Thus, as you wish to visit Austria there would be no confusion in mind as to where is the best place to land your feet. Hence, all you need is the direction from this site.

It’s a good thing that technology has made life easier by bringing up new development like the web or Internet technology, as a result, we have google. Therefore, in cases like this, Google will be your dearest guide. So, all you need is to make use of the information provided in the article to choose a place in Austria for your safe landing. So, Enjoy your trip.


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