The Best Months to Visit Mauritius: A Comprehensive Guide

Mauritius is an archipelago (island) in Southeast Africa right in the Indian ocean. It’s a tourist location with extraordinary and fantastic weather. Hence, many people consider Mauritius a great place for holidays and vacations. This article will adequately address the best months to visit this island since not all months are regarded as the proper months for its visitation. Consequently, reasons, why we should visit Mauritius, will be addressed as well.

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Climate conditions in Mauritius

Geographically speaking, Mauritius has a tropical climate condition. It’s typically hot during the summer with rainy seasons to complement its weather. Unconventionally, this climate description is not the portrayal of a typical island. Since this article is focused on the best months to make a plan of staying on this island, a narrative ride through times and seasons that makes up the climate situation in Mauritius is worthy of awareness.

The sunny seasons complemented by the rainy season (rainy seasons are short but come with thunderstorms) thrive from January through March. Luckily, Since the Island lies in the southern hemisphere of the globe, there are many sunny days. Hence, the sunny experience on Mauritius Island is more common than the winter experience unlike in the western part of the world.

On the other hand, the winter or cold experience with lesser rainy seasons takes up from June through September. In addition to the cause of such climate conditions in Mauritius, the Archipelago (Island) is located where the trade wind courses. This is where the southeast wind consequently takes its course leaving its cool effect around the region.

The  two seasons saga of Mauritius

In Mauritius, the seasons are simply categorized into two.

Summer and;


Summer in Mauritius

Summer normally spans from November to April. You should expect sunset at 5:30 am with the sun beautifully riding through the day to the sunset at 7:00 pm. You should also notice an average temperature of 27°Celsius on the coast and 22°Celsius on the central part making the weather warm and humid.

The hottest months start from December through February, and February is the most likely month for cyclones. Cyclones and rainfall pattern in Mauritius is As the result of its subtropical weather state. The temperature in these months averages at 28°Celsius. The highest rainfall can be seen in the cool central plateau region around February and March. During summer, visitors can go deep seas fishing, swimming or diving due to how clear and visible the water bodies are.

Winter in Mauritius

The winter experience in Mauritius spans from May to October. The cold of the winter averages at 22 °Celsius in the coastal regions to 19°celsius in the central regions. July is commonly the coldest month. The winter has a low rainfall pattern with sunrise at 6:45 am and sunset at 5:45 pm. Hiking, surfing, biking and cycling are suitable activities for such times.

One beneficial point about winter in Mauritius is that the winter offers visitors a quieter environment and milder weather for an outing to a certain place which requires such a soft guise in temperature.

The summer experience is widely adopted as the most appropriate indicator to determine the best times for a visit to any location on earth. Hence, during the summer, tourism blooms in various countries. This also accounts for the reasons for high tourism fees in summer and lower tourism fees during winter.

By the summer scale indicator, consequently, all the months within the summer range are the best months for visitation to Mauritius.

Best Months (Summer months, November – April)

●    November

This marks the entry of the beautiful expression of sunlight in Mauritius. November is known for warm weather. Therefore, the beginning of summer marks the beginning of humidity and rainfall. There is a lot you can do this season. These include festivals, tourism and sports.

●    December

Officially welcome summer and the rainy season. It’s one of the busiest months with the Christmas Eve celebration and welcoming of New Year’s Eve. December in Mauritius is really crazy.

●    January

One of the warmest and wettest months. Cyclones’ glimpse can be caught in January. Also, get ready for the resort’s spa or other indoor facilities. This is due to thunderstorms and localised rainfall.

●    February

February is the same as January. But rainfall shortens to hours. It’s still the summer season to visit nature’s park to experience how marine life draws to the reefs.

●    March

Same as other months but with a short-lived rainfall pattern. The Hindu festival of Holi takes place in March

  • April

Summer comes to an end in April with low precipitation. Humidity drops. The rainfall pattern also drops.

Why Visit Mauritius

There are numerous reasons to visit Mauritius. Mauritius has cool offers. These include sumptuous cuisines. Great holidays. Fair weather. Water sports. Tourists attractions etc. All these and many more accounts for the reasons people find the tropical island very attractive.

In view of the aforelisted reasons, we will further narrate things to do in Mauritius, events and diverse engagements.

Interesting Events And Festivals In Mauritius

●     Thaipusam Cadavee

This event is normally celebrated by a group called the Tamil community in Mauritius. It is celebrated in honour of Lord Murugan. The people customarily carry the Cadavee – a wooden arch covered and heavily decorated with flowers. The people will fast for ten days prior to the D-day and walk on the streets barefooted. However, it is usually celebrated either in January or February.

●     Sakifo Music Festival

The famous music festival is the largest in the Indian ocean. It’s held for three days on Reunion island and is often attended by a large crowd. The event takes place from 3 June 2022 to 5 June 2022.

●     Lantern festival

The lantern festival is usually celebrated 15 days after the Chinese new year. It features custom parades and dragon dances and is held on the 15th of February.

●     Chinese Spring Festival

The new year festival is celebrated either in January or February and it’s often termed the Chinese new year. Red colours are displayed everywhere and in everything, as the people see it as the colour of happiness.

Fireworks are the order of the day. Fung Pao – red envelopes containing money are often given to children and parents of the Chinese community. Chinese cakes and sweets are commonly shared among all.

●     All Saints Day

It’s usually celebrated by the Christian community in Mauritius on 2nd November to honour the death and praise the arrival of Indian workers in Mauritius.

Sports And Games Activities In Mauritius

While you are pondering on the things to do as you visit Mauritius, it is quite clear that Mauritius enjoys numerous sports and recreational activities. But soccer is well recognised as the national sport of the nation. The official football team which represents Mauritius in international matches is called Club M. They officially became members of FIFA in 1962 and the Confederation of African Football in 1963.

Mauritius hosted international sporting events such as the Indian Ocean Island Games twice. However, many other sports to engage in are thus:

Athletics. Cycling. Badminton. Handball. Basketball. Volleyball. Boxing. Karate. Bodybuilding. Horseracing. Judo. Table tennis. Judo. Taekwondo and weightlifting.

While you visit Mauritius, engaging in one or several combinations of these sports will make your stay worthwhile and fun-filled.


Tourism is one of the major reasons for visiting other countries around the globe. Many people often hear about the wonders filled in abroad countries. Consequently, they decide to pay a visit to these places to have a glimpse of the tales told and those untold. Similarly, Mauritius have an abundance of heard stories for the eyewitnesses as well as a lot of untold tales you will realise during your visitation.

The following is a list of tourist attractions and places to visit as you land on the subtropical island.

●     Trou Aux Biches

This is where you empty yourself and be who you truly are. It’s a top-rated place in Mauritius in terms of tourism. Swimming and snorkelling are the main features here. Frolicking around the scenic beach, you could receive numerous whispers of inspiration and insights for your business, project and career pursuit.

●     Belle Mare Plage

If you wish to grasp full advantage of the summer experience on this tropical Island, you need to visit this beach. Here, you will so much enjoy the order of sunrise just as it begins.

Also, the beach water has a stronger current compared to other beaches on the island, hence swimming can be fun here.

●     Chamarel Coloured Earth

This is one of the indescribable or understated wonders of Mauritius. This beautiful and artistic location portrays the Seven-Colored Sand of the island. This attraction is explained by many as a stupefying and out-of-the-world experience. The colour combinations are red, black, purple and cyan.

●     Black River Gorges National Park

This nature park is astonishing and picturesque. Spending your precious time in Mauritius without a visit to this scenic location is a big miss out. This rich fauna contains wild pigs, rusa deer, privets, and Chinese guava and is abundantly rich in flora. You will also discover some endangered species of birds, reptiles and mammals here. Scientific Research can come in successfully if you can consider this place.


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